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Arts, general, artwork.  ---  .This section is about the general nature of artwork.  Topics include: ( ) Copies, authorized.  ( ) Forgeries, unauthorized.  ( ) When is it art?  Conceptual art.  ---  1/24/2006

Arts, general, artwork.  ---  (1) The idea as art: Conceptual art.  (2) The act as art: Performance art.  (3) The object as art: Fetishization and commodification of art.  ---  12/30/1992

Arts, general, artwork.  ---  A work of art does not have to proclaim its subject as either beautiful or ugly.  Nor does a work of art have to proclaim its subject as either good or evil.  It can just say, for example, "Notice the flower.  Consider the flower.  I am describing the flower.  I am documenting the flower."  A step beyond this is to make a work of art that says, "This is what x means to me.", which goes beyond description to explanation or meaning.  Aesthetics (beautiful and ugly) and ethics (good and evil) does not even have to enter the picture.  ---  11/10/2001

Arts, general, artwork.  ---  Art as object vs. art as idea.  Is the art the object or is the art the idea of the object?  One test here is the status of authorized art replicas and unauthorized art forgeries.  Your answer will determine how you feel about art-objects vs. art-ideas.  ---  5/29/2000

Arts, general, artwork.  ---  Can art be anything?  Can anything be art?  ---  12/30/1992

Arts, general, artwork.  ---  If art can be anything, then anything can be a work of art.  If anything can be art, then not-art can be art, and art can be not-art.  Heidi, Heidi, Heidi, Heidegger!  You could have a painting in an art museum that says "This is not art".  ---  01/01/1993

Arts, general, artwork.  ---  Metaphysical status of artwork.  (1) Is art just an idea in your head (conceptual art)?  (2) Is art the actual object?  (A) Are reproductions or duplicates fake?  (B) Are forgeries fake?  (3) Can a ready-made be art?  Is art art just because you say it is?  Can anything be art?  ---  12/30/1992

Arts, general, artwork.  ---  The original vs. the forgery.  ---  12/30/1992

Arts, general, artwork.  ---  What is art?  One view holds that anything can be art if one says it is art.  ---  01/01/1993

Arts, general, artwork.  ---  Work of art.  Issues surrounding the concept of a work of art.  (1) What is the work of art?  (2) Conceptual art.  Idea as art.  (3) Art objects.  Artifacts.  (4) Found objects as art.  (5) Originals.  Signed art.  (6) Reproductions.  Prints.  Authorized copies.  Signed copies.  (7) Forgery.  Unauthorized copies.  Forged signatures.  (8) Authenticity of artworks.  (9) Attribution of unsigned works.  (10) Is it art?  When is something a work of art?  (11) What are the boundaries of a work of art?  Where does the "work" begin and end?  (12) Audience involvement in the work of art.  When the audience becomes part of the work of art then there is no longer any distinction between audience and artwork.  (13) Art work as doing or process.  Vs.  Art work as product or object.  (14) Happenings as works of art.  ---  7/23/2004

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