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Arts, music, why.  ---  .This section is about why people do music.  Topics include: .  ---  1/24/2006

Arts, music, why.  ---  (1) Music to create or change emotions and ideas.  (2) Music for psychological catharsis.  ---  12/30/1992

Arts, music, why.  ---  Goal of music.  Make the audience feel powerful new truths.  ---  12/30/1992

Arts, music, why.  ---  Music does not make much of a main course.  It does however make an excellent appetizer.  Music is the appetizer, philosophy is the main course.  ---  4/28/1998

Arts, music, why.  ---  Music is an excellent and important inspirational spur to thought and emotion, especially for me, especially rock and roll.  Music frees, excites and develops the mind.  ---  12/30/1992

Arts, music, why.  ---  Music is both soothing and enervating simultaneously.  In terms of the latter, music can both inspire (motivate) and stimulate (new thoughts) the mind.  ---  07/05/1997

Arts, music, why.  ---  Music is used by the young to blow of energy to the point they can think clearly and be inspired.  Music is used by the old to rev up with energy to the point where they can be inspired.  They (old and young) both use the same thing (music) to get to the same place (inspiration) from different directions (too much energy or too little energy).  ---  02/15/1997

Arts, music, why.  ---  Music pumps up energy, emotion, and imagination.  Take the trip.  ---  12/30/1992

Arts, music, why.  ---  Music without words conveys emotional knowledge.  How?  I don't know.  ---  12/30/1992

Arts, music, why.  ---  Oldies music (Top 40 tunes from when you were a kid) can help you remember your youth.  It triggers memories.  It unblocks the unconscious.  ---  12/27/1988

Arts, music, why.  ---  To know an emotion or drive you got to feel it strongly.  ---  12/30/1992

Arts, music, why.  ---  Why engage in music?  (1) Health: stress relief.  (2) Knowledge: intellectual knowledge, and emotional knowledge (learning new emotions).  (3) Emotional catharsis.  (4) Changing emotion: amp up or cool down.  (5) Its fun and pleasurable.  ---  12/30/1992

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