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Arts, theater.  ---  .This section is about theater.  Topics include: .  ---  1/24/2006

Arts, theater.  ---  (1) Pro theater.  Theater uses real people.  It is three dimensional.  You can reach out into the audience.  (2) Contra theater.  Broadway plays suck because they are commercial and mediocre.  They are too big and impersonal.  Off Broadway is okay because it is more immediate.  ---  3/30/1998

Arts, theater.  ---  Comedy vs. tragedy.  ---  12/30/1992

Arts, theater.  ---  Development of theater.  (1) Theater in the round.  Seats surrounding a circular stage.  The stage slowly rotates to let each person see all around the set.  Or the seats rotate around the stage.  (2) Hologram theater in the round.  Just like theater in the round, except using three dimensional hologram actors instead of live human actors.  (3) Spherical, virtual theater.  Be able to zoom in or out from any point in a virtual sphere surrounding hologram actors.  ---  9/17/2005

Arts, theater.  ---  Experimental theater.  (1) Theater with no sets.  (2) Theater with no costumes.  (3) Theater with no theater building.  (4) The result is people on the streets engaging in "happenings", "street performances" or "guerrilla theater".  ---  7/11/2002

Arts, theater.  ---  Experimental theater.  A staged argument between a couple in a crowded restaurant can be a type of theater.  ---  3/29/2002

Arts, theater.  ---  If movies are realistic then theater is even more realistic.  ---  6/9/2004

Arts, theater.  ---  Improv theater.  Every sentence by every actor is improvised.  Every action by every actor is improvised.  ---  5/14/2006

Arts, theater.  ---  Improvisation.  ---  12/30/1992

Arts, theater.  ---  In a real play, the audience would be a single person sitting at a table on the set, with the actors acting all around the individual.  ---  4/22/1999

Arts, theater.  ---  Movies are high tech.  Theater is low tech.  Anyone can do theater anywhere.  Theater is good for the third world.  Theater is good for a post-apocalyptic world.  ---  11/15/2001

Arts, theater.  ---  Movies killed theater.  Theater is a dead form, only historically significant.  ---  12/30/1992

Arts, theater.  ---  Musicals.  What's wrong with musicals?  They seem not serious.  They seem to address no serious issues, nor take any serious views.  They seem frivolous, trivial, fluff, vacuous.  They are feel good, Polyanna, Candide, avoidant, vanilla, safe, fake smile.  ---  5/15/2004

Arts, theater.  ---  Problems: (1) Overacting and underacting.  Excess or lack of the correct emotion.  (2) Wrong emotion.  ---  12/30/1992

Arts, theater.  ---  Roots of theater.  Perhaps the oldest form of theater is someone acting out a story.  Ritualized stories: ritualized roles and speeches.  Theater probably got mixed up with magic and religion rituals.  ---  12/30/1992

Arts, theater.  ---  Specialization of the theater profession (occupation) and the physical location (building).  ---  12/30/1992

Arts, theater.  ---  The problem with much theater today, and much art in general, is that it is written to sell to a mass audience.  So it is watered down and non-offensive, and not too deep.  Fluff.  Easy to swallow pablum.  ---  02/15/1997

Arts, theater.  ---  Theater is a skit around a campfire.  Theater started with people around a campfire acting out in replay the events of the past.  Next came mild exaggeration and embellishment.  Next came severe exaggeration and embellishment, which led to fictional theater.  ---  5/14/2006

Arts, theater.  ---  Theater is based on imitation.  The first plays consisted of people doing impressions of other people.  ---  5/14/2006

Arts, theater.  ---  Theater is immediate, live, elemental.  Theater has a "be here now" quality.  (2) Theater is expensive in time, effort and wages.  ---  6/9/2004

Arts, theater.  ---  Theater is immediate.  Theater is in your face.  Unless you are in the balcony.  When you are in the balcony, your paramour is in your face.  ---  5/14/2006

Arts, theater.  ---  Theater is the oldest art.  People "acted out" before they talked, sang or painted.  ---  5/14/2006

Arts, theater.  ---  Theater is to movies as painting is to photography.  When photography was invented, painters had to change their purpose from realistic depiction to expressionism.  When movies were invented, theater faced a similar change in purpose.  ---  9/10/2004

Arts, theater.  ---  Theater is to movies like real women is to porn magazines.  ---  3/25/2002

Arts, theater.  ---  Theater.  (1) Theater is live.  It is real people.  (2) Theater is three-dimensional.  Breaking the fourth wall enters the audience.  Theater in the round is like around a campfire.  (3) Whenever people make a face or talk with their hands, acting and theater has begun.  ---  7/18/1998

Arts, theater.  ---  Today, spontaneous, audience participation, guerrilla performance art is only thing capable of being valid, if it is well done.  ---  12/30/1992

Arts, theater.  ---  What can theater give you that movies can't?  What can movies give you that theater can't?  ---  12/30/1992

Arts, theater.  ---  What if an actor acknowledged the audience.  Looked at the audience or camera.  Spoke to the audience or camera.  Touched the audience or camera.  ---  6/9/2004

Arts, theater.  ---  With the development of printing theater died a little.  They could write down their stories.  With the development of movies theater died a little more.  ---  12/30/1992

Arts, theater.  ---  Writing, producing, directing, acting, lighting, costume design.  ---  12/30/1992

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