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Arts, visual arts, works.  ---  .Introduction.  This section has works of art.  ---  1/24/2006

Arts, visual arts, works.  ---  .This section contains written descriptions of ideas for visual art works.  ---  12/30/2003

Arts, visual arts, works.  ---  A painting.  On one half of the canvas show people miserable in bare corporate cubicles amidst pollution.  On the other half of the canvas show people happy because they live in a way that promotes ecological sustainability and social justice.  ---  7/8/2006

Arts, visual arts, works.  ---  A tri-color flag of horizontal stripes, with blue on top, green in the middle and brown on the bottom, to represent the sky, the trees and the earth.  ---  9/12/2004

Arts, visual arts, works.  ---  Computer painting.  Projects.  (1) Divide screen in half horizontally and do landscapes.  (2) Divide in thirds horizontally or radially and do water, air, earth.  ---  08/01/1997

Arts, visual arts, works.  ---  Conceptual art.  Change the letters on a colorful can of household cleanser from "Buff" to "Dirt".  Change the contents of the can from powdered cleanser to dirt.  Market it.  ---  9/17/2001

Arts, visual arts, works.  ---  Five lines could mean: Open lines.  Highway.  River.  Grass.  Connectors.  Five of anything.  ---  2/7/06

Arts, visual arts, works.  ---  Five lines.  A door.  A book.  Flowers.  Stick figures.  ---  2/10/2007

Arts, visual arts, works.  ---  Five vertical lines.  What does it mean?  Why would someone habitually draw five vertical lines?  (1) Five vertical lines representing five people?  (2) Five vertical lines representing the claw marks of a hand on a wall, like those made by people entombed alive.  (3) Five vertical lines representing the bars of a cage that is imprisoning you.  (4) Five vertical lines representing the walls of a fort keeping others out.  ---  7/30/2005

Arts, visual arts, works.  ---  Gray (road), brown (leafless trees), gray (cloudy sky).  ---  01/01/1993

Arts, visual arts, works.  ---  Horizontal bands bottom to top: light green (grass), dark green (trees), yellow (sun), blue (sky).  ---  04/21/1993

Arts, visual arts, works.  ---  Horizontal triads.  (1)  Blue sky.  Green trees.  Blue water.  (2) Light blue sky.  Dark blue water.  Light brown sand.  ---  10/28/2003

Arts, visual arts, works.  ---  Paint a landscape that is 1/3 land, 1/3 water, 1/3 air.  ---  07/30/1996

Arts, visual arts, works.  ---  Painting.  Idea for painting called "A life".  A picture of 1200 big squares lined up 12 across and 100 down.  Each square has 35 small squares in it; 7 across and 5 down.  Each small square is a different color.  Each small square has a diagonal black slash through it.  The picture is supposed to represent calendars of the days of you life.  ---  3/10/1999

Arts, visual arts, works.  ---  Patches of light, medium, and dark green (leaves), over black and brown (branches), over blue, white, and gray (sky).  That is, sitting on a park bench.  ---  10/15/1994

Arts, visual arts, works.  ---  Paul in bliss, living at the bookstore.  Show a filled bookcase, with one shelf set up as a cot, with Paul reading a book, head on pillow.  ---  03/08/1997

Arts, visual arts, works.  ---  Stick figures arranged in a circle with hands holding hands and feet touching feet.  ---  1/28/2005

Arts, visual arts, works.  ---  The seaside is abstract, sky, water, sand.  Do a painting.  ---  02/04/1994

Arts, visual arts, works.  ---  Triangle, circle, square = mountain, sun, house.  ---  04/09/1993

Arts, visual arts, works.  ---  Twenty years of FUCK!  This project involves gathering together all of a person's doodles over a lifetime.  Then put on display all of the doodles.  For example, doodles that say, "FUCK!" and other subconscious exclamations of dread, anger, misery, desire, hope, joy, etc.  One purpose of this work of art is to draw attention to ubiquitous subconscious doodles, and thereby draw attention to the subconscious itself.  Another purpose of this work is to examine the types and amounts of emotions reflected in subconscious doodles.  A third purpose of this work of art is to act as a cathartic release for the emotions expressed in subconscious doodles.  ---  8/8/2006

Arts, visual arts, works.  ---  Two eyes.  The whites are divided in half horizontally, white on top and blue on bottom, with a wavelet pattern at the dividing line.  ---  5/25/2000

Arts, visual arts, works.  ---  What the American flag should look like.  The field of stars should extend all the way across the top half of the flag to give the sense of a starry sky.  The red and white stripes on the lower half of the flag should be vertical not horizontal, and they should be drawn using perspective so that they disappear into a vanishing point in the center of the flag at the horizon line where they meet the starry sky to give a sense of the earth.  ---  11/2/2001

Arts, visual arts, works.  ---  White contact lenses with no pupils so you look like a Greek statue.  Eyes without irises.  ---  8/14/2000

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