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Health, exercise.  ---  .This section is about exercise.  Topics include:   ---  1/24/2006

Health, exercise.  ---  Being a great athlete means doing exercises every day, and working out 2 to 3 times a week.  It takes motivation, courage, dedication and focus.  I can do it.  Being a great athlete also means not doing more than this, not overdoing it, not taking chances, knowing my limits.  Anything more is just fagging out of the game through hurting yourself.  Or being stupid and ignorant of proper athletic care.  Or being crazy, delusional, and thinking you can do anything, or more than you actually can.  ---  05/30/1996

Health, exercise.  ---  Endurance, strength and power, and flexibility.  Problems, causes, effects, technologies.  ---  12/30/1992

Health, exercise.  ---  Exercise, reasons for.  (1) Psychological health.  To be well and feel well.  (2) Physical health.  To be well and feel well.  (3) To get ideas.  To be more creative.  (4) To attract women.  For looks.  ---  6/5/2004

Health, exercise.  ---  Exercise: mental and physical.  ---  12/30/1992

Health, exercise.  ---  Flexibility.  Writing stretches.  Finger flexion and extension, stretch and exercise.  Fore-arm flexion and extension, stretch and exercise.  Upper arm flexion and extension, stretch and exercise (triceps (behind head) and biceps).  ---  08/01/1997

Health, exercise.  ---  Great athletes (1) Train to stay in shape, by slowly and incrementally increasing their exertions, without pushing too hard. (2) Know how to avoid injury in training, competition, and real life.  ---  12/30/1995

Health, exercise.  ---  Mild is best.  Small increases.  Don't push hard.  ---  12/30/1995

Health, exercise.  ---  Never exercise as hard as you can for as long as you can.  Never push body 100%.  Its easy to break it.  ---  12/30/1995

Health, exercise.  ---  Prove your manliness through continued, careful physical exercise, and through good judgment.  Not through rash, unwise testing of physical limits (self abuse, self destruction).  ---  12/30/1996

Health, exercise.  ---  Seated exercises and stretches are great because you can do them any time at work and they make a big difference.  Do them everyday, all day.  (1) Stretches: stretch arms overhead, and to sides, out front, and back.  Twist side to side, and bend side to side.  Stretch hands in all directions.  Stretch neck in all directions.  Do deep breathing.  Shake out all body parts.  (2) Exercises.  Isometrics for all muscles.  Gut clench.  Butt clench.  Curl with other arm resisting.  Seat press dip.  Back extensions by leaning forward with arms in front holding light weight.  Hand clench a squeeze ball.  Marching in place helps VMO.  Leg press with feet out front.  Leg scissors and reverse scissors with arm resistance.  Pull those shins like a dead lift.  ---  02/09/1997

Health, exercise.  ---  Stay in physical therapy for life.  If you can pull a groin muscle doing nothing (which I did once), or wrench your neck just getting up too fast or the wrong way (which I did too), then it is clear that anything can happen to anyone, anytime, and that the chances are good something or other will happen to you sooner or later and that it pays to be careful, exercise and stretch, to minimize the number and severity of these horrible accidents.  Any accident that does occur has a good chance of not healing right and causing constant pain and disability forever.  ---  12/30/1996

Health, exercise.  ---  Stay loose yet firm, like a sprinter.  ---  08/30/1996

Health, exercise.  ---  The goal is not to build bicep strength for girls to admire.  The goal is to build your quads, abs, back extensors, and trunk muscles in general, in order to support your back and knees to keep them healthy and avoid trouble.  ---  12/30/1995

Health, exercise.  ---  The main reason for physical exercise is to get physical health, in order to avoid injury, in order to avoid disability and chronic pain.  The way to keep exercising is to make it fun and enjoyable.  Don't push too hard.  Stay well within one's limits.  Don't jerk quickly.  Doing these things also make exercise safe.  ---  12/30/1995

Health, exercise.  ---  The real reason for exercise is not for size, strength, looks, creativity, but to avoid injury, which is what happens when you do too little, too much, wrong form, or the wrong types of exercise.  ---  12/30/1996

Health, exercise.  ---  Work.  (1) All day at work, stay aware of and use your body.  Stay in motion.  Clench fists and toes to relieve stress.  Tap feet, move your legs and arms.  It keeps you loose, warm, and aware of body and posture.  Keeps you active, avoids sedentary decay.  Keeps you firm.  (2) Remember, you think, feel, remember, and "mind" with your body too, not just your mind.  ---  12/30/1995

Health, exercise.  ---  Work.  Sitting at a desk all day typing leads to tight flexors in the biceps, hamstrings, gut.  They need to be stretched.  The quad, tricep, and back need to be strengthened?  ---  01/19/1997

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