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Health, food.  ---  .This section is about food.  Topics include:   ( ) Vegetarianism.  Natural food.  Organic food.  ---  1/24/2006

Health, food.  ---  (1) Eating too little.  Famine, starvation, malnutrition.  Anorexia or bulimia.  (2) Eating too much.  Slow metabolism.   Emotions and over-eating.  Habit and over-eating.  Education and over-eating.  (3) Eating wrong or unhealthy foods.  ---  12/20/2003

Health, food.  ---  Caffeine destroys my appetite for the day, and thus I do not eat the food that will rebuild my body.  ---  08/17/1997

Health, food.  ---  Caffeine.  The argument for caffeine is that it helps ease depression.  The argument against caffeine is that it promotes rage and paranoia.  Thus, caffeine may ease the negative emotion of sadness, yet caffeine may help promote the negative emotions of fear and anger.  What else are coffee "jitters" and coffee "crankiness" than anxiety and anger?  ---  9/14/2003

Health, food.  ---  Coffee.  Why I kicked the coffee habit.  Coffee contains caffeine.  Caffeine is a stimulant.  The drug speed is also a stimulant.  Speed kills.  ---  10/2/2004

Health, food.  ---  Contra dairy.  (1) It is not natural for cows to be permanently giving milk.  How many years does a cow live?  How many calves does a cow give birth to in a lifetime?  How long does the cow wean each calf?  (2) Its not natural for humans to constantly be drinking milk.  Humans often lose their lactose intolerance after childhood weaning.  ---  10/10/2004

Health, food.  ---  Diet.  (1) What eat, why (positive effects), how, how much, when.  Protein, vegies, grains.  (2) What not eat and why (negative effects).  To avoid mania/depression, b-complex deficient brain.  Sugar (natural and refined), caffeine, nicotine, artificial ingredients, spices, fat.  ---  12/30/1992

Health, food.  ---  Getting fat from (1) Too many calories of any food.  (2) Too much fat.  (3) Lack of exercise.  (4) Low metabolism (less muscle mass).  ---  11/15/1994

Health, food.  ---  Grow your own food.  Per person, per year: how much food is needed?  How much land is needed to grow it?  How much human labor is needed to grow it?  Fruit: 2 pieces per day, 700 per year.  Vegies: 2 per day, 700 per year.  Grains: 4 per day, 1400 per year (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack) (potatoes, wheat, rice, corn, oats).  Protein: beans or meat, one pound of meat per week equals 52 pounds per year.  Water to drink: 1 gallon a day, 365 gallons per year.  How much land to grow it all?  One or two acres per person.  How much work to grow it all?  Plow, plant, weed and water, harvest, cook and preserve.  Preserve six months worth for November through April.  Use mason jars.  How much fuel needed to cook the food?  ---  7/18/1998

Health, food.  ---  Health food trends.  (1) Raw.  Uncooked foods are viewed as healthier than cooked foods.  Especially sprouts.  (2) Organic food.  Healthier than food covered in pesticides.  (3) Vegetarians.  Healthier than eating meat.  Also more ethical to animals.  ---  6/23/2002

Health, food.  ---  How much industrial processing does it take to make store bought vitamin pills?  How much refuse and pollution does the processing create?  Should one stop taking vitamins because of it?  Should one rely on organic food only for vitamins?  Is the entire vitamin industry a ploy, a scam?  ---  7/25/1998

Health, food.  ---  I eat now for health.  No more eating for fun, eating out of pain, or eating for social ritual.  ---  01/01/1993

Health, food.  ---  Protein is idea food and testosterone food.  I work best on a high protein diet.  All physical factors (diet, exercise, sleep) should be aimed at figuring and finding out more ideas.  ---  09/15/1993

Health, food.  ---  Say no to meat, salt, sugar/sweets, spices, artificial ingredients, fried foods, chocolate, coffee, fat.  Say yes to carbs, protein, water, fruits and vegies.  ---  03/20/1994

Health, food.  ---  Soft tofu is great.  (1) It is quick.  There is no need to cook it, and no need to chew it, you can consume it quickly.  (2) It is fun.  You can slurp like a tofu slushee.  (3) It is healthy.  (4) It is cheap.  ---  08/17/1997

Health, food.  ---  Some medical reports say that high potassium helps prevent strokes and high blood pressure.  Fruits and vegies.  Five bananas a day.  Oranges, melons, red beans, milk.  ---  11/30/1996

Health, food.  ---  The three main food types are carbohydrates, protein and fat.  (1) What are the implications of too much protein and too little protein?  (2) What are the implications of too much fat and too little fat?  (3) What are the implications of too much carbohydrates and too little carbohydrates?  (4) How does one determine the right amount of carbohydrates, protein and fat?  ---  3/10/2004

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