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Health, philosophy.  ---  .This section is about philosophy of health.  Topics include:   ---  1/24/2006

Health, philosophy.  ---  (1) Go gentle on body.  But not soft and lazy.  (2) Go gentle on mind.  But not soft and lazy.  ---  09/30/1995

Health, philosophy.  ---  Every time you abuse or neglect yourself, you will feel it sooner or later.  If not now, then thirty years from now.  Same for taking care of yourself.  ---  12/30/1995

Health, philosophy.  ---  Fit mind in fit body with fit social relationships in a fit environment.  (1) Daily physical work (exercise, diet, sleep).  (2) Daily psychological work (memory, emotion, knowledge, behavior, etc.).  (3) Daily sociology work.  (4) Daily environment work.  (5) Especially on problem areas (identify and solve).  ---  11/04/1993

Health, philosophy.  ---  Foundation for physical health is diet, exercise and sleep; doctors checkups; and no abuse or neglect of self.  Foundation for psychological health is love of a healthy woman, and healthy friends.  Health is the foundation for education and career.  Career is the foundation for money.  ---  08/01/1997

Health, philosophy.  ---  Health (psychological, physical, financial) both depends on and yields school and job, which both depends on and yields girlfriend and friends, and hobbies and fun.  ---  12/30/1995

Health, philosophy.  ---  How much resources to devote to achieve what level of health?  Time, effort, money, materials.  ---  12/30/1992

Health, philosophy.  ---  I could spend all my time and money in a gym and be super-fit, but what of other things?  It is a trade off.  When should we sacrifice our health to achieve something else?  Never?  ---  12/30/1992

Health, philosophy.  ---  I should live according to my future: less ability, longer healing time, and easier injury.  I shouldn't live according to the past: when I had more ability, quicker healing time, less injury prone, stronger, more flexible, etc.  That was my big mistake, gauging myself on what I was, not what I am, and what I am becoming.  ---  09/30/1995

Health, philosophy.  ---  Inactivity leads to a continuous downward spiral of related injuries.  ---  12/30/1995

Health, philosophy.  ---  Karma.  Start living right.  Do the right thing.  Be nice and humble and cautious and keep your fingers crossed.  ---  12/30/1995

Health, philosophy.  ---  Keep up strength, conserve energy, keep up resistance, all to promote healing, rejuvenation and rebuilding.  ---  04/10/1997

Health, philosophy.  ---  Leisure time.  How and how much to relax?  How and how much to get things done?  ---  01/01/1993

Health, philosophy.  ---  Life.  The whole point is to delay the rate of inevitable breakdown of your body.  Prevent accidents and injuries.  If you have your health you have the foundation for all things.  ---  12/30/1995

Health, philosophy.  ---  Listen to your body.  Listen to its whispers now, or you will have to hear yourself scream later.  ---  12/30/1995

Health, philosophy.  ---  Most important ideas.  (1) Physical health.  We learn more and more about prevention of illness and injury everyday.  But there also many quacks out there.  Read wisely.  (2) Economic health.  (A) Being poor is no virtue.  (B) If there are going to be rich people, it is better the liberals have the money, because they help the underdogs.  ---  10/30/1997

Health, philosophy.  ---  Most important thing to remember about body.  (1) Don't beat on it (even if it doesn't hurt).  (2) Maintain it with good posture, biomechanics, sleep, diet, stretch and exercise, meditation, physical education study.  (3) Treat it gentle (even if you feel fine) because major decay often goes unfelt and undetected till you crap out years later.  ---  12/30/1996

Health, philosophy.  ---  My goal for rest of life.  (1) Make no (zero) wrong moves or mistakes (like cold, acute, overdoing it or overuse).  Take no chances of any degree.  (2) Get into, and stay in, great shape through an approved, sensible, physical therapy plan.  ---  12/30/1995

Health, philosophy.  ---  Physical, psychological, and financial health.  Career, love life, avocations.  How far will you gain or slip in any of the above categories with any amount of maintenance, neglect, or abuse?  Will just a little send you far?  Or does a lot only affect you a little?  ---  12/30/1995

Health, philosophy.  ---  The foundation is physical and mental health.  It lets you get education and then job (money, survival).  Social health in form of girlfriend helps you survive too.  Intellectual creation (notes) comes after.  They all affect each other.  ---  10/30/1995

Health, philosophy.  ---  Today the average individual knows more about health than doctors of 50 years ago.  How much should an individual know about health?  A lot.  Ignore it at your peril.  ---  10/25/1997

Health, philosophy.  ---  When you forget this stuff, or think it is not for you, or think it is not important, or think it won't matter if you skip it one time, that's when you will mess yourself up big time.  ---  12/30/1995

Health, philosophy.  ---  Your body is like a machine.  Your body is like a car with no spare parts.  Maintain it and prevent wear and tear so it will run better and last longer.  If you don't maintain it, and if you beat on it, it will go to the junkyard/graveyard faster.  Your body has no replacement parts.  ---  12/30/1996

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