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Leisure, drugs.  ---  .This section is about drugs.  Topics include:   ---  1/24/2006

Leisure, drugs.  ---  (1) One view some people take is to legalize everything.  However, we cannot legalize all drugs, substances, objects and actions or else we would have machine guns, dynamite and plutonium available at the local store.  (2) One view some people take is to say that booze and drugs is okay to use on yourself if it does not hurt anyone else.  (A) Nothing is ever used only on the self.  The parent could give the child booze and drugs.  (B) Nothing ever effects only one person only.  The parents booze and drug taking affects the child.  ---  12/5/1999

Leisure, drugs.  ---  Addiction is a bitch.  ---  12/30/1992

Leisure, drugs.  ---  All in all, drugs (1) Addict people and make them suffer.  (2) Cause loss of money and time.  (3) Make people do dangerous things, hurt and kill both themselves and others.  (4) It is too high a price to pay.  There must be a better way to accomplish what drugs do, like how they give a sense of freedom from society, and an expanded mind.  What could take the place of drugs?  Meditation?  Wilderness solos?  ---  11/30/1996

Leisure, drugs.  ---  Caffeine, nicotine, sugar, alcohol, pot.  As a new experience, to spur to thought and feeling vs. as an old experience, for avoidance of thought and feeling.  ---  12/30/1992

Leisure, drugs.  ---  Death can happen three ways with drugs.  (1) You can kill yourself.  (2) You can kill someone else.  (3) You can antagonize someone to the point where they kill you.  (4) All three of these I narrowly avoided while drinking.  (5) The fourth possibility: antagonizing someone to the point where they kill themselves, which is something that I was able to avoid while drinking.  I hope to avoid all four above cases in my writing.  ---  3/12/1999

Leisure, drugs.  ---  Drugs as mindless pleasure vs. drugs for mindful exploration.  ---  12/30/1992

Leisure, drugs.  ---  Drugs at worst are an escape from reality vs. drugs at best are an entry into reality.  ---  12/30/1992

Leisure, drugs.  ---  Drugs fu*k up the brain, permanently.  Booze, pot, cocaine, etc.  Stay away from them.  ---  10/25/1997

Leisure, drugs.  ---  Drugs.  Drugs are not harmless.  Drugs hurt people.  (1) Car accidents.  DWI. (2) Crimes committed by people on drugs.  (3) Crimes committed by people who sell drugs.  (4) People who overdose and die.  (5) To say, "I can handle drugs.  Drugs don't hurt me.", is to say, "Its okay if someone else dies as long as I don't get hurt.", and that is not an optimal view.  Making all drugs illegal, like during prohibition, may not be the best answer.  Making all drugs legal may not be the best answer.  Convincing people not to do drugs is a good start.  ---  3/11/2005

Leisure, drugs.  ---  Either pot and alcohol should both be legal, or pot and alcohol should both be illegal.  Same for crack, coke, smack and speed?  ---  6/30/1998

Leisure, drugs.  ---  I long for waking up to the smell of stale beer, stale cigarette smoke, and stale perfume.  Where are my party friends.  We are all sober now.  It is we who are stale now.  Dead drunk to dead sober.  ---  09/01/1994

Leisure, drugs.  ---  In an ideal world drugs would be legal, free, safe, and their effects would be predictable.  ---  12/30/1992

Leisure, drugs.  ---  Many lives destroyed.  Is it worth the price of enlightenment or rebellion?  There have to be better ways to rebel or become enlightened.  ---  11/20/1997

Leisure, drugs.  ---  Some people should take drugs, uptight assholes.  Some people should not take drugs, on the edge psychos and addicts, and the excessively mellow.  ---  01/01/1994

Leisure, drugs.  ---  Speed kills.  ---  11/16/2004

Leisure, drugs.  ---  When I was young, drugs had a sacramental, holy nature.  Sunny days in suburban parks (pastoral myth), with pretty horny women and rock music.  We discovered and explored sex, drugs, and rock and roll, and friendship.  It was enlightenment, nirvana, and fun and new.  We had no work, no school.  Experiencing and learning new good things.  Learning to party, to relax, to enjoy.  It was a unique peak.  Summer of love (see songs of same name).  ---  08/24/1994

Leisure, drugs.  ---  When they die in war, we say it is a waste.  When they die climbing, we say that at least they died doing what they love.  When they overdose on drugs, we don't say that at least they died doing what they loved.  But maybe we should, like we do for any other dangerous recreational activity.  ---  11/30/1996

Leisure, drugs.  ---  With drugs, sooner or later, an acute or chronic decay will occur.  ---  02/15/1997

Leisure, drugs.  ---  Youthful hooligans.  (1) What is to be learned from mind altered revelation (mental development)?  (2) What is to be learned from rebellion against authority, and illegally breaking minor arbitrary laws (character development)?  (3) What is to be learned from hanging out with friends while doing the above two (social development)?  ---  08/24/1994

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