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Leisure, exercise.  ---  .This section is about exercise.  Topics include:   ---  1/24/2006

Leisure, exercise.  ---  (1) Daily office stretches, strength exercises and endurance exercises can add up to do more than being in the gym twice a week.  It can prolong your life, increase your creativity, and make you feel better.  ---  12/20/1998

Leisure, exercise.  ---  (1) Pro.  (A) Physical: health, posture, power, endurance.  (B) Psychological: alert, driven.  Evens out emotions: calming, inspiring.  Reduce stress.  Increase hormone flow, high testosterone.  Increase endorphin flow.  (2) Contra: overuse or acute injuries.  ---  12/30/1992

Leisure, exercise.  ---  Costs: time and energy spent, and workout pain.  Gains: in shape, creative, horny.  ---  12/30/1992

Leisure, exercise.  ---  Exercise to get it over with.  Your unconscious mind is waiting for you to do it, so it can start thinking about other things like creativity.  Unblock mind for free thought.  ---  04/21/1993

Leisure, exercise.  ---  Exercise.  (1) For better health, longer life, and less illness.  (2) Better performance on job.  More mental and physical energy and endurance.  Less depressed, more alert.  (3) Better sex.  (4) Looks.  Reach ideal physical shape.  (5) You simply feel better mentally when in shape, due to (A) Biochemical endorphins, and (B) Because you know you are in shape, and this knowledge can create a psychological high or kick.  This last reason is my most important reason.  ---  11/27/1993

Leisure, exercise.  ---  Lifting, running, calisthenics, and bicycling.  ---  12/30/1992

Leisure, exercise.  ---  Most important things to know about exercise.  (1) It is equivalent to external and internal massage, and thus is excellent stress reliever.  (2) When you do it, think about all your specific stresses (job, school, girls, notes) being burned off with every breath.  ---  02/20/1994

Leisure, exercise.  ---  Reasons to lift.  (1) Lifting for health is the most important reason to lift.  Longer life, and less illness.  (2) Looks: to get more babes.  (3) Sex: better sex.  (4) Ideas: the more I lift the more creative and thus smart (4/10/93).  Exercise unblocks the unconscious (4/21/93).  (5) For head: feel better from biochemicals.  Feel better about being in shape.  Feel better about taking care of yourself.  (6) For job: mental and physical endurance, less depressed, more alert and energized.  ---  01/01/1993

Leisure, exercise.  ---  Reasons to lift.  (1) To not vegatate.  (2) To get built.  (3) To think well.  (4) To reach ideal Paul.  ---  06/10/1994

Leisure, exercise.  ---  Running.  (1) Why I like it: good things I get from it.  Keeps me in touch with natural environment.  Strength, independence.  (2) Why I want to avoid it most times: to keep working.  (3) Both pulls needed for balance.  ---  12/30/1992

Leisure, exercise.  ---  The ideal: instant permanent physical perfection with zero effort.  Fat chance.  ---  07/12/1993

Leisure, exercise.  ---  The more I lift and study, the smarter, wiser, and more creative I become.  ---  04/30/1993

Leisure, exercise.  ---  Total exercise complex.  Type, duration, frequency, and intensity.  How, where, why.  ---  12/30/1992

Leisure, exercise.  ---  Walk.  Take a walk daily.  Walks are different from runs, more leisurely, more contemplative.  Walking is Nietzchean.  Walking is Zen like, monk like, walking meditation.  Meditation, not medication!.  ---  06/10/1993

Leisure, exercise.  ---  Walks and drives.  Going for a drive is like going for a walk except faster.  ---  12/30/1992

Leisure, exercise.  ---  Yoga: breathing deeply (internal massage, repetitive mantra) and concentrating on one thing.  Working out does the same thing.  Muscle relaxation techniques.  ---  12/30/1992

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