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Philosophy, ethics, equality.  ---  .See also: Politics, justice equality liberty.  ---  12/30/1992

Philosophy, ethics, equality.  ---  .This section is about equality.  Topics include:  ---  1/24/2006

Philosophy, ethics, equality.  ---  (1) Equality before the law.  People treated equally by the law.  (2) Human rights.  (3) Slavery and segregation were gross injustices.  (4) Equality of opportunity.  ---  11/13/2005

Philosophy, ethics, equality.  ---  (1) Equality of money.  Ex., minimum wage.  Economic equality.  (2) Equality of stuff.  Ex., food, clothing and shelter.  (3) Equality of time.  Ex., a forty hour work week limit gives everyone a minimum of leisure time.  (4) Equality of power.  Ex., giving everyone the vote.  Political equality.  (5) Equality of knowledge or education.  Ex., everyone has right to attend public school.  (6) If it is impossible to have everyone be absolutely equal we can at least establish a minimum base level of equality for everyone.  ---  11/5/2004

Philosophy, ethics, equality.  ---  (1) Metaphysical equality = things are actually the same.  (2) Ethical equality = we treat them the same.  ---  12/30/1992

Philosophy, ethics, equality.  ---  Can and should we provide a basic level of the following: free education, free health care, money, housing, work (jobs for all), leisure time, human rights, civil respect, Internet access, etc.?  ---  4/28/2001

Philosophy, ethics, equality.  ---  Conceptions of equality.  Capitalism vs. communism.  ---  12/30/1992

Philosophy, ethics, equality.  ---  Equality in distribution of both power and stuff.  ---  12/30/1992

Philosophy, ethics, equality.  ---  Equality is important.  (1) The USA has a history of racial discrimination.  The USA has a history of denying equality to some of its citizens.  Slavery is wrong.  Segregation is wrong.  Racial discrimination is wrong.  Minorities deserve equality.  (2) The USA has a history of sexual discrimination against women.  Sexual discrimination is wrong.  Women are not the property of men.  Women deserve equal pay for equal work.  Women should be allowed to vote.  Women deserve equality.  ---  11/13/2005

Philosophy, ethics, equality.  ---  Equality.  If everyone wanted the same things it would be easier to reach equality.  But people value things differently.  If everyone had the same experiences and environments in life it would be easier to reach equality.  But we all experience different environments.  ---  6/8/2004

Philosophy, ethics, equality.  ---  Equality.  Notions of equality are based on notions that there are basic human rights.  Things everyone should have.  Things no one should have to put up with.  Things we won't tolerate or stand for.  ---  6/8/2004

Philosophy, ethics, equality.  ---  Freedom and equality are not inversely proportional.  A just society balances freedom in the middle between 0% freedom and 100% freedom.  A just society balances equality in the middle between 0% equality and 100% equality.  ---  11/13/2005

Philosophy, ethics, equality.  ---  How equal is most fair?  How equal should we try to make things?  ---  12/30/1992

Philosophy, ethics, equality.  ---  In mathematics:  Equal = same location.  Congruent = same size, different location.  Similar = same shape, different size.  ---  12/30/1992

Philosophy, ethics, equality.  ---  Luck, nature, and equality.  We are not really equal.  To the ethical minded, having an unfair advantage in life is as bad as having an unfair disadvantage, and yet everyone has both.  Someone is always better and worse than you.  ---  12/30/1992

Philosophy, ethics, equality.  ---  Only if every one was the same, identical, would we all be equal.  ---  12/30/1992

Philosophy, ethics, equality.  ---  Two definitions of equity.  (1) Equal distribution of goods, or (2) Just freedom from basic wants.  ---  12/30/1992

Philosophy, ethics, equality.  ---  Types of equality.  (1) Equality of abilities, either raw ability or developed abilities.  (2) Equality of opportunities, i.e., access.  (3) Equality of physical stuff.  Everyone having the same amount of stuff.  (4) Equality of money.  Everyone having the same amount of money.  ---  4/28/2001

Philosophy, ethics, equality.  ---  What to do about natural inequality (ex. born more talented)?  What to do about inequality earned or worked for (ex. working your way up the ladder)?  ---  12/30/1992

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