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Philosophy, ethics, justice.  ---  .See also: Politics, justice equality liberty.  ---  11/15/2001

Philosophy, ethics, justice.  ---  .This section is about justice.  ---  1/24/2006

Philosophy, ethics, justice.  ---  (1) Becoming aware and sensitive to ethics and justice issues is a big step.  (2) Becoming aware of the current fights that need to fought.  (3) Becoming aware of ways to fight.  ---  1/6/1998

Philosophy, ethics, justice.  ---  (1) Contra justice (3 reasons).  Payback is a bitch.  Justice is a bitch.  Justice takes effort (work), it requires conflict (fighting), and it can be risky (danger).  You have to speak out over every little slight.  (2) Pro justice (3 reasons).  Justice feels good once attained.  And pursuing justice keeps you healthy when the alternative, which is ignoring injustice out of apathy or fear, leads to repression and mental illness.  And justice is the right thing to do; it is an ethical obligation.  ---  03/08/1997

Philosophy, ethics, justice.  ---  (1) Internal justice.  Battling injustice in yourself, both your psychology and behavior.  If you would not wish it on others you should not do it to yourself.  (2) External justice.  Battling injustice in others (individuals and society) and nature (natural injustices of life).  ---  1/6/1998

Philosophy, ethics, justice.  ---  (1) Justice is an ideal.  (2) There is no justice, only decreasing injustice.  (3) Get your own justice.  (4) Be just to yourself.  (5) Justice is closely related to mental health.  (6) People want justice, not happiness.  (7)(A) Natural injustice: disease, born unequal, luck, hardships, pain, accidents.  (B) Others injustice to you.  (C) Injustice to self.  ---  12/30/1992

Philosophy, ethics, justice.  ---  Injustice.  How much injustice (by nature, by others, or to selves) has been done since ethical-thinking, pain-feeling humans arose?  And how much emotional pain has this injustice caused?  And how much waste has this injustice caused?  And how much has it slowed the progress of the human species?  Could you imagine it if you tried?  We try to avoid the pain.  We try to avoid thinking about it.  We think that if we are ok, then everything is ok.  This is wrong.  ---  10/30/1996

Philosophy, ethics, justice.  ---  The biggest injustice being committed today is against the environment.  It is the biggest injustice because it affects the most people.  It affects everyone currently in the world and also all future generations.  ---  1/6/1998

Philosophy, ethics, justice.  ---  True justice.  Confront, proclaim, and punish them in equal amount (no more, no less) for every insult.  Confront, proclaim, and praise them in equal amount (no more, no less) for every good they do you.  This is karma.  ---  03/19/1989

Philosophy, ethics, justice.  ---  Various views of justice.  (1) Justice as a level playing field.  (2) Justice as the same start for everyone.  For example, mandatory public schooling.  (3) Justice as no crime.  (4) Justice defined as equality.  (5) Justice defined as freedom.  (6) Justice as "From each according to their ability to each according to their need".  Marxism.  (7) Justice as "You've earned it, baby."  Capitalism.  (8) Justice as "Whatever you can buy you can own".  (9) Justice as "Might makes right".  Power says what justice is.  (this is a bad view).  (10) Justice as just another word for "good", "right" and "fair".  ---  5/18/2002

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