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Philosophy, people.  ---  .See also: Philosophy, ethics. > People.  ---  11/30/2004

Philosophy, people.  ---  .This section is about people.  Topics include: ( ) Bad traits.  ( ) Good traits.  ( ) Ideal.  ---  1/24/2006

Philosophy, people.  ---  (1) Everyone is different.  (2) Everyone has things in common.  (3) How is that possible?  People are similar in some ways but different in other ways.  ---  11/17/2005

Philosophy, people.  ---  (1) Faces of the twenty-somethings: confidence based on energy and goals.  (2) Faces of the fifty-somethings.  (A) Blank sheet: nothing occurs to them.  (B) Brave front.  (C) Not sure what hit them.  (D) Still got a few tricks up their sleeves.  Not dead yet.  ---  8/4/2001

Philosophy, people.  ---  (1) Metaphysics: what are they: stupid, assholes.  (2) Epistemology: how can you tell: the way they act.  (3) Ethics: what should you do about it.  (4) Aesthetics.  ---  12/30/1992

Philosophy, people.  ---  (1) Positive view.  Most people are good most of the time.  (2) Neutral views.  Most people want to be good but fail miserably.  The good and bad that people do balances out to zero (baloney).  (3) Negative views of people.  Most people are unethical as far as they can get away with it, or even if they have to pay a minor punishment.  ---  1/9/2003

Philosophy, people.  ---  (1)(A) If you find that most people amaze and inspire you then what does that say about you relative to them?  Does it say that they are better than you?  Does it say that you have a sense of wonder and curiosity?  Does it say you are easily amused?  (B) If you find that most people disappoint and bore you then what does that say about you relative to them?  Does it say you are too critical?  Does it say that you are better than them?  Does it say you are depressed?  (2)(A) If you find that you have much in common with most people then what does that say?  Does is say you are a clone, a sheep, one of the masses?  (B) If you find that you have little in common with people then what does that say?  Does it say you are exceptional?  Does it say that everyone is different?  Does it say that you are different and they are all the same?  ---  5/25/2002

Philosophy, people.  ---  A few people are good.  Most people are part good and part bad. A few people are bad.  ---  5/14/2003

Philosophy, people.  ---  At the NYPL, the young hopefuls and the old desperates.  ---  11/20/1993

Philosophy, people.  ---  Bad traits.  (1) People are assholes and screw each other.  (2) People dislike yet need each other.  ---  12/30/1992

Philosophy, people.  ---  Bad traits.  It is a dangerous phenomenon that the stupider people are, the more certain and unyielding and sure of themselves they seem to be.  ---  08/04/1993

Philosophy, people.  ---  Bad traits.  Most people are afraid to act, to speak, and to think.  They are afraid to take a stand for fear it will offend someone, and ruin their careers, etc.  ---  02/22/1997

Philosophy, people.  ---  Bad traits.  Most people are idiots with shit ethic systems.  Most of their minds are for the most part unthinking.  And when they do think it is only about their own survival.  They have small practical goals.  I was right to leave them far behind.  ---  09/08/1993

Philosophy, people.  ---  Bad traits.  No matter what you believe, there will always be some nut who believes the opposite, and who thinks god told him to wipe you out.  ---  07/18/1997

Philosophy, people.  ---  Bad traits.  No one is perfect.  That is the nice way of putting it.  Everyone is a fu*k up (to varying degrees).  That is what I say.  A world full of fu*k ups.  It is a wonder we survive.  ---  05/08/1989

Philosophy, people.  ---  Bad traits.  People are scum.  Myself included.  I have to live with myself, but I don't have to live with others.  If only people had some good traits to counteract the bad.  Like being entertaining or informative.  But usually they do not possess such traits.  ---  9/30/1996

Philosophy, people.  ---  Bad traits.  People only know what you show or tell them.  Most can't or don't think for themselves.  ---  05/08/1989

Philosophy, people.  ---  Bad traits.  People.  (1) No personality or character.  (2) Have had no life experiences nor have they ever done anything.  (3) Have no real knowledge of the world, from reading (found out) or thinking (figured out).  (4) Have no views on anything.  Under-opinionated rather than over-opinionated.  ---  02/24/1994

Philosophy, people.  ---  Bad traits.  Some people are a waste of natural and manmade resources.  ---  01/08/1994

Philosophy, people.  ---  Bad traits.  Stupid, dogmatic, neurotic, up tight, anal, inflexible, uncooperative, lazy, unmotivated, sick, weak, inconsistent, unstable, unfocused, back stabbing, betraying, using, bloodsucking, tight, cheap, play dumb, false friends.  ---  12/30/1992

Philosophy, people.  ---  Bad traits.  Survival drive leads to asshole behavior (survive at any cost).  ---  12/30/1992

Philosophy, people.  ---  Bad traits.  They look intelligent, and are well mannered and dressed, but their thoughts and souls are dead.  They have no independence, bravery, or vision.  ---  06/30/1993

Philosophy, people.  ---  Bad traits.  They take themselves seriously, and life not at all.  ---  09/26/1997

Philosophy, people.  ---  Being with people.  (1)(A) Good experiences vs. (B) Bad experiences.  (2)(A) Learning something vs. learning nothing.  The best is 1A with 2A.  The worst is 2A with 2B.  ---  04/24/1997

Philosophy, people.  ---  Blanket statements.  Sweeping statements.  It does not pay to stereotype the human race, just like it does not pay to stereotype portions of the human race.  ---  11/17/2005

Philosophy, people.  ---  Computer.  The personal computer and the Internet changes the philosophical concept of the person.  (1) The computer and Internet allows shifting identities.  In online chatrooms you can create aliases or persona.  You can choose your age, sex and ethnicity.  Identity is not fixed online.  (2) The computer and Internet act as an extension of the mind.  It aids memory (storage and retrieval), organization and manipulation of ideas.  It is another step toward a bio-mechanical-electronic man.  (3) Already there are people who choose to live and interact only online in the digital world.  These are people who only exist digitally.  There may come a time when "people" are disembodied digital entities.  (4) Computers are not yet equipped to handle emotion.  We are moving toward emotion with text, image and sound.  ---  3/9/2000

Philosophy, people.  ---  Do I like people?  I like the concept of people.  ---  2/20/2002

Philosophy, people.  ---  Five types of people.  (1) The unthinking: they just learn how to survive.  (2) The believers: believe what ever they read, only find out.  (3) The believers and writers: take notes on readings.  (4) The thinkers: actually think for themselves.  (5) The thinkers and writers: write what they think.  ---  12/30/1992

Philosophy, people.  ---  Good traits.  (1) Recognizes and learns from mistakes.  (2) Makes right decisions by avoiding wrong ones.  ---  12/30/1992

Philosophy, people.  ---  Good traits.  (1) Speed and power (Paul aesthetic).  (2) Optimally mentally and physically healthy.  (3) Flexible yet strong.  (4) Noble, brave, smart, ethical.  (5) Don't leave anything out and don't get anything wrong.  (6) Gets it all, gets it fast, doesn't get hurt.  (7) We look for same traits, just in the opposite sex.  ---  12/30/1992

Philosophy, people.  ---  Good traits.  Alert, focused, stamina.  Smart practically and theoretically.  Motivated.  Efficient and economical.  Broad, deep knowledge.  ---  12/30/1992

Philosophy, people.  ---  Good traits.  Anger, assertiveness, and rebellion are healthy and good.  Sadness, passivity, and conformity are unhealthy and bad.  ---  12/30/1992

Philosophy, people.  ---  Good traits.  Brave, wise, and well educated.  ---  12/30/1992

Philosophy, people.  ---  Good traits.  Constantly growing (in right directions).  Figures out best goals and best ways to get them.  Knowledge, stamina, and focus.  ---  12/30/1992

Philosophy, people.  ---  Good traits.  Great man operates from power, doesn't abuse it.  Remains autonomous.  ---  12/30/1992

Philosophy, people.  ---  Good traits.  Mind always working at peak.  Intellectual orientation.  Able to think well: analyze, judge.  Able to prioritize well: importance in historical, theoretical, and practical.  Able to classify (hierarchy) well.  ---  12/30/1992

Philosophy, people.  ---  Good traits.  Never poor, consistently good, and sometimes great.  ---  12/30/1992

Philosophy, people.  ---  Good traits.  Smart, driven, healthy (physical, psychological, financial), stamina, consistent, focused, brave, free thinking, tough, confrontational, assertive, aggressive, fighter, fair, strong, ethical, driven, forward, charming.  ---  12/30/1992

Philosophy, people.  ---  Good traits.  Strength to follow own course, avoids meager masses, despite opposition of others.  ---  12/30/1992

Philosophy, people.  ---  Good traits.  Tough, strong, endurance yet sensitive, discerning.  ---  12/30/1992

Philosophy, people.  ---  Good traits.  Without being a two faced user, if done wrong to, capable of justice, retribution, and force.  ---  12/30/1992

Philosophy, people.  ---  How nice someone is if you give them what they want vs. how mean they are if you don't give what they want.  ---  12/30/1992

Philosophy, people.  ---  Human life has many sides.  Human life has a psychological side (see: Psychology).  Human life has a social side (see: Sociology).  Human life has a philosophical side (see: Philosophy).  Human life has a political side (see: Politics).  Human life has an economic side (see: Economics).  Human life has a technological side (see: Technology).  Human life has an ecological side (see: Ecology).  Human life has an artistic side (see: Art).  Etc.  ---  11/17/2005

Philosophy, people.  ---  Human nature, negative view.  People are basically assholes.  Not far removed from animals and the law of the jungle.  Thin veneer of civilization.  ---  6/15/1998

Philosophy, people.  ---  Humans are fragile creature when young and healthy, but even more so when old and injured or sickly.  Balanced high up in the air on two legs.  Their bodies thin, fragile, soft, and prone to breaking.  Take care buddy.  ---  07/30/1996

Philosophy, people.  ---  Humans morphing.  (1) Now that people have accepted trans-gender individuals, isn't it time we start to think about trans-species individuals?  (A) Especially now that we are decoding the DNA of humans and other animals.  (B) Especially now that we are searching the galaxy for other forms of intelligent life.  (C) Especially now that we are developing artificial intelligence on computers.  (D) Especially now that we are inventing physical connections between silicon computer chips and human brain neurons.  (2) Even on a purely psychological level.  (A) The person who gives another person a horsy ride.  (B) The person who thinks they are a dog.  (C) The person who takes on an animals name.  (3) These are all examples of some way how humans relate to other forms of life.  These are examples of how humans sometimes wish to complement their human abilities with animal powers.  (4) The point is that the time has come where we are beginning to recognize (realize, understand) the malleability of life.  The malleability of intelligent life.  The malleability of human life.  Malleability leads to greater diversity.  Greater diversity requires more tolerance.  ---  7/11/2000

Philosophy, people.  ---  Humans waste 90% of their brains.  Humans waste 90% of their time.  That is a lot of waste.  ---  12/6/2005

Philosophy, people.  ---  Humans, traits of.  Opposable thumbs.  Bipedal, with hands free.  Language.  Technology.  Social.  Culture.  ---  11/5/2004

Philosophy, people.  ---  Humans.  For hundreds of thousands of years, what kept them alive?  What kept them sane?  What kept them happy?  ---  10/15/1999

Philosophy, people.  ---  I gave up trying to figure out what they were thinking.  I gave up trying to figure out why they were acting the way they were acting.  ---  7/31/2001

Philosophy, people.  ---  I hate the mindless conformists and mindless rebels both.  But I hate the conformists more.  ---  12/30/1992

Philosophy, people.  ---  I have met many intelligent, well educated people who will become fodder for the system simply because they will not put in the time and effort to create themselves and create for others.  They are healthy, ethical, beautiful people.  They are toast.  ---  5/29/2002

Philosophy, people.  ---  I look at the paintings from the 1700's and the people in them look like they were made of stone.  I look at the photographs from the 1800's and the people look like they are made out of metal.  I look at people from the 1900's and they look like they are made of plastic.  I look at people in 2000 and they look like they are made of pure energy: dynamic, virtual, morphing, invisible.  Human's image of themselves changes with the age they live in, and with the technology and materials they use.  ---  8/24/2000

Philosophy, people.  ---  I saw the perfect couple today.  He was a sensitive english major.  She was a rational psychiatrist.  They were both model pretty and dressed to the hilt in country gentlepeople clothes.  They both carried leather backpacks/briefcases.  Yet they were a tad dull in the expression in their eyes.  And they were a tad too refined, too well trained, too civilized.  And a tad too self conscious of both of these facts.  Yet they were so perfect.  So perfectly normal.  Today I saw Ken and Barbie.  Will they be happy or miserable together?  Do I hate or love them?  ---  11/20/1993

Philosophy, people.  ---  I used to think that the common man, blue collar workers, and average guys, had more intrinsic value than the rich suits.  After all, it is not their fault that they were less successful.  And I used to think the simple life (living in the woods, asceticism, and blue collar sundays) had more intrinsic value than the rich life.  These activities seemed very democratic and egalitarian.  How do I feel now?  I dislike them.  And I dislike the rich equally as much.  ---  11/20/1993

Philosophy, people.  ---  Ideal good and bad, man and woman, mind and body and behavior.  ---  12/30/1992

Philosophy, people.  ---  Ideal people: rich, beautiful, healthy, and smart.  ---  12/30/1992

Philosophy, people.  ---  Ideal.  Best in one area vs. best overall.  ---  12/30/1992

Philosophy, people.  ---  Ideal.  Examples of people at their best, average, worst.  ---  12/30/1992

Philosophy, people.  ---  Ideal.  Society's ideals and reasons are usually b.s. or suboptimal.  My ideals must be of highest standards and best arguments.  It is a struggle to determine best ideals.  Build on all that came before, and improve it.  Often those who got one area right, knew/said nothing or screwed up another area.  Take best and avoid worst from all over.  ---  12/30/1992

Philosophy, people.  ---  Ideal.  The best, average or mediocre, and worst.  The strange and different.  ---  12/30/1992

Philosophy, people.  ---  Ideal.  Universal objective ideal, my ideal, anyone else's ideal, any society's ideal.  ---  12/30/1992

Philosophy, people.  ---  If everyone was exactly the same, the positive side is that we would all understand each other perfectly.  The negative side is that humanity would have the brain power of one person instead of billions of people.  It would be much less productive.  Another negative effect would be the lack of adaptability of the species for survival.  ---  5/24/2002

Philosophy, people.  ---  It is a limited number of people that you will see, meet, and spend time with.  ---  12/30/1992

Philosophy, people.  ---  Man is naturally a problem solving animal.  If he is faced with no problems, then he will create them.  ---  4/7/1998

Philosophy, people.  ---  Most people are good in that if they are in a situation where they have nothing to gain or lose they will generally help someone else.  But if they have something to gain by not helping, or if they have something to lose by helping, they generally will not help someone else.  ---  02/02/1989

Philosophy, people.  ---  Most people have a primary orientation towards either work, family, or hobby.  ---  12/30/1992

Philosophy, people.  ---  Most people want you to live for them, not yourself.  You should live for yourself, no one else.  ---  03/10/1989

Philosophy, people.  ---  Most people, or at least 50 percent, are fearful, suspicious, mistrustful, angry, depressed, looking for scapegoats, looking for a witch to burn, looking to mess with other people.  ---  6/6/2003

Philosophy, people.  ---  Most working class Americans are just trying to hold their jobs, raise their kids, and not do anything stupid, crazy or illegal.  That occupies all their time and all their mind.  ---  6/26/1999

Philosophy, people.  ---  Never forget that there are sleazoids who enjoy terrorizing innocent bystanders.  ---  9/28/2003

Philosophy, people.  ---  Nobility.  Education and experience increase nobility.  ---  12/30/1992

Philosophy, people.  ---  Normal.  Three definitions of "normal".  (1) Normal as average vs. different.  (2) Normal as average vs. either below average or above average.  (3) Normal as healthy vs. unhealthy (abnormal).  ---  8/25/2000

Philosophy, people.  ---  Normal.  Three views of the non-normal.  (1) Conservative view.  Abnormal is bad.  The abnormal disrupts predictable, safe lives.  Different people are scary and evil.  Insanity seen as a curse by god.  (2) Neutral view.  The non-normal is neither good nor bad, just different.  (3) Liberal view.  The non-normal is good.  The non-normal is new, exciting, a change that relieves boredom.  The exotic (different) is good.  Romantic view of insanity.  ---  12/30/1995

Philosophy, people.  ---  Normal.  Two types of people.  (1) Those who fear being not normal.  (2) Those who fear being normal.  ---  8/25/2000

Philosophy, people.  ---  People and other animals.  Every day scientists find that the difference between humans and other animals becomes less distinct.  ---  11/17/2005

Philosophy, people.  ---  People are basically good, but act evil most of time.  They lie, cheat and steal; they are vindictive and spiteful; they are nosy, cheap, moneygrubbing, greedy.  All this way by survival drive.  ---  12/30/1992

Philosophy, people.  ---  People are fallible.  ---  12/30/1992

Philosophy, people.  ---  People are frequently (1) Mistrustful and suspicious.  (2) Lying, secretive and unethical.  (3) Vengeful.  Vendettas.  ---  5/11/2003

Philosophy, people.  ---  People are good or bad: as an ethical statement.  People are good or bad: as a metaphysical statement about quality levels.  ---  12/30/1992

Philosophy, people.  ---  People are good, but act bad most of time.  ---  12/30/1992

Philosophy, people.  ---  People are nutty, unintelligent, stupid, unethical, assholes, and bastards.  People are potentially good but actually bad.  ---  12/30/1992

Philosophy, people.  ---  People at their best.  (1) Problem solving.  Free thinking.  Rational.  (2) Hard working.  (3) Optimistic.  (4) Empathetic.  ---  11/5/2004

Philosophy, people.  ---  People at their worst:  (1) Mindless.  (2) Negative.  Pessimistic.  Hopeless.  (3) Petty.  (4) Not free thinking.  Blind belief and obedience.  (5) Not hardworking.  Lazy.  (6) Not empathetic.  Selfish.  ---  11/5/2004

Philosophy, people.  ---  People can be classified as  (1) Cool people: they are rare.  (2) Assholes: they are many.  ---  12/30/1992

Philosophy, people.  ---  People can be vicious, cruel, petty, deceptive.  ---  9/7/2003

Philosophy, people.  ---  People like conflict.  They like to fight.  They like blood.  This is why sports is popular.  This is why politics is popular.  This is why gossip is popular (gossip is a bloodsport).  It lets them vent their anger.  It comes from ancient instincts for fighting other tribes.  The warriors survived and reproduced by natural selection.  It may have been bred into us, but it can also be bred out of us.  ---  7/21/1998

Philosophy, people.  ---  People should be seen and not heard.  ---  07/30/1996

Philosophy, people.  ---  People.  They all look stupid and weak.  The ones with character are morons.  The ones who are smart are soft.  It makes me sick.  ---  11/04/1993

Philosophy, people.  ---  Reptile is to human as human is to what?   What are we evolving into?  ---  3/1/2000

Philosophy, people.  ---  So few hip people, so few complete and balanced, so few right on, and so hard to find them.  ---  12/30/1992

Philosophy, people.  ---  Techs.  Analyze and judge your mind, body, and behavior.  ---  12/30/1992

Philosophy, people.  ---  Techs.  Analyze persons greatest strengths and worst flaws.  ---  12/30/1992

Philosophy, people.  ---  Techs.  Avoid the unthinking types.  The work drone conformists.  The mindless rebels.  The leisure for leisure's sake hedonists.  The hobby escapists.  ---  12/30/1992

Philosophy, people.  ---  Techs.  Get catharsis and justice.  ---  12/30/1992

Philosophy, people.  ---  Techs.  Get your relationships straight.  ---  12/30/1992

Philosophy, people.  ---  Techs.  Principles.  (1) Don't let crazy people drive you crazy, for any reason.  (2) Don't take any shit.  (3) Give everyone the same respect, with no variations by sex, age, position, etc.  ---  12/30/1992

Philosophy, people.  ---  Techs.  Protect yourself, defend yourself.  Realize what's bad, and armor your psyche and your stuff.  ---  12/30/1992

Philosophy, people.  ---  Thankfully, the number of consistently malicious and immature people is relatively low.  ---  1/1/2004

Philosophy, people.  ---  The average philosopher will be surprised to find out that most people spend most of their time thinking and talking about other people.  ---  7/1/2003

Philosophy, people.  ---  The shallow hide in plain sight.  That is to say, shallow people silently walk among us, undetected until asked a question.  This is the counter-argument to the adage, "Still waters run deep."  ---  7/24/2006

Philosophy, people.  ---  There is always at least one in a crowd.  Wherever you go (live, work, etc.).  A real bastard who tries to make your life miserable.  How to deal with them?  ---  6/4/2003

Philosophy, people.  ---  Three ideas.  (1) Anthropology of philosophy.  Study of history of cultures philosophies (metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, aesthetics).  (2) Philosophical basis of anthropology science.  (3) Metaphysical study of man.  ---  12/30/1992

Philosophy, people.  ---  To explore, to be different, to be an individual, is to be disappointed to some degree by people.  Surrounded by people you don't understand.  Surrounded by people who don't understand you.  Yet it is to feel for people in general.  To care about humankind.  ---  2/20/2002

Philosophy, people.  ---  Tolerant vs. domineering.  ---  12/30/1992

Philosophy, people.  ---  View of people as fragile vs. tough.  ---  12/30/1992

Philosophy, people.  ---  What is a person?  A bag of bones, a lost soul.  ---  12/30/1992

Philosophy, people.  ---  What people are (actual) vs. what they can be (potential) with time, environment, growth and development.  There is a big difference.  We need to focus on the latter.  ---  2/21/2000

Philosophy, people.  ---  What people are: good things and bad things.  Why they are these things.  ---  12/30/1992

Philosophy, people.  ---  What.  Everyone is full of pain (anger and sadness).  How much of each?  How conscious or unconscious are you of it?  The pain of living.  ---  12/30/1992

Philosophy, people.  ---  What.  Man is (1) Self reflective.  (2) Rational (or potential for it).  (3) Curious.  (4) Social, political, and technological.  (5) Free.  (6) Ethical: can be hurt, can hurt others.  (7) Imperfect.  (8) Have needs (physical, psychological (intellectual, emotional), material).  (9) Every one is neurotic by degree.  (10) Greedy.  (11) Fearful.  ---  12/30/1992

Philosophy, people.  ---  What.  People as basically or intrinsically good vs. bad vs. neutral, or unformed.  ---  12/30/1992

Philosophy, people.  ---  What.  Stages of human development.  (1) Hunter and fighter (physical).  (2) Farmer (physical).  (3) Factory worker (physical).  (4) Office worker (mental drone).  (5) Idea worker (mental creativity).  (6) Machines do physical work.  Computers do the mental drone work.  The purpose of humans is to do creative mental work in the quest for knowledge.  Today in 1997, we are moving from stage 4 to stage 5.  Most people are doing mental drone work, but that is changing to mental creative work.  ---  12/29/1997

Philosophy, people.  ---  Your attitude (i.e., thoughts and emotions) about people (all humans, including yourself) is an important basic attitude.  What is left besides people?  Only nature and technology.  Thus, your attitude toward people is about one third your entire attitude toward life and the world in general.  ---  4/28/2001

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