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Psychology, attitude, types.  ---  .This section is about types of attitudes.  Topics include: ( ) Basic attitudes.  ( ) Good attitudes.  ( ) Bad attitudes.  ( ) Types of attitudes.  ---  1/24/2006

Psychology, attitude, types.  ---  (1) Attitude internal (unconscious, conscious).  (2) Attitude projected (unconscious, conscious).  ---  12/30/1992

Psychology, attitude, types.  ---  Bad attitudes that most people have.  They are dejected, beaten down, given up, (self) learned helplessness. (1) I cannot do anything.  I am helpless.  One person cannot do anything.  You cannot change the system.  You cannot beat the system.  (2) I cannot think of anything worthwhile to do.  (3) I cannot bring myself to do it.  (4) There's no purpose to life.  Nothing matters.  (5) I do not know what's going on.  Cannot even find out.  They keep it hidden.  I am too dumb.  ---  3/30/1998

Psychology, attitude, types.  ---  Bad attitudes.  (1) Snob attitudes:  I am great.  I am better than you.  You are shit.  I deserve the best.  I can do it.  (2) Loser attitudes:  I suck.  You are better than me.  You are god.  I deserve shit.  I can't do it.  ---  12/30/1992

Psychology, attitude, types.  ---  Bad attitudes.  Pathological attitudes.  Not necessarily crazy, just ignorant.     PART ONE.  The following attitudes lead you to never figure-out anything.  (1) "Don't think and don't talk".  This is one of the worst pathological attitudes because it leads to many other bad attitudes.  (2) "Thinking and talking are worthless or bad".  (3) Too busy to think or talk.  (4)  Just obey orders, don't think or talk.     PART TWO.  The following attitudes lead you to never find-out anything.  (1) "I know it all already."  (2)  Stay in your own Private Idaho.  (3) Never explore.  (4) Be afraid.  (5) Stay obsessed and preoccupied with trivialities or a narrow area of interest.  ---  1/22/2002

Psychology, attitude, types.  ---  Bad attitudes.  Two bad attitudes.  (1) I will never be able to do anything (job, school, girlfriend).  Nothing is coming to me, automatically or through effort.  (2) Everything is coming to me automatically.  ---  08/15/1994

Psychology, attitude, types.  ---  Basic attitudes.  (1) Work.  Industriousness.  Solve problems.  Versus.  (2) Relax.  Take it easy.  Mellow out.  Enjoy.  Pleasure.  Do nothing.  ---  4/16/2006

Psychology, attitude, types.  ---  Basic attitudes.  Another major underlying attitude is the question, "What is the purpose of life?  Why are we here?"  (1) Enjoy yourself.  (2) Do something useful.  (3) Both 1 and 2.  ---  6/11/2002

Psychology, attitude, types.  ---  Basic attitudes.  Attitudes toward life, people and self.  (1) Positive attitude.  "Life, people and self is good."  (2) Negative attitude.  "Life, people and self are not good".  (3) Neutral attitude.  Either, "Life, people and self are neither good nor bad".  Or, "Life, people and self are half good and half bad".  (4) Practical attitude.  "Good or bad, its the only game in town".  ---  6/11/2002

Psychology, attitude, types.  ---  Basic attitudes.  Everyone, at all times, carries around these basic attitudes, which can change from moment to moment, day to day, year to year. (1) I'm ok vs. i'm not ok.  (2) World is ok vs. world is not ok.  (3) It is going to change (for better or worse) vs. it won't.  (4) I can change it vs. I can't.  (5) Everything's going to be all right vs. it's not.  ---  12/30/1992

Psychology, attitude, types.  ---  Basic attitudes.  Major attitudes are toward (1) Toward nature and the environment.  (2) Toward other people, animals, robots.  (3) Toward your own mind and body.  (4) Toward work and leisure.  ---  6/3/2001

Psychology, attitude, types.  ---  Basic attitudes.  The most basic attitudes: your attitudes toward life, self, others and nature.  ---  9/28/1998

Psychology, attitude, types.  ---  Basic attitudes.  There exists basic human attitudes.  These basic attitudes are held toward (1) Self: body and mind.  (2) Your life.  (3) The world, and life in general.  (4) A person can look at the above three basic attitudes in a positive way or a negative way.  ---  3/25/1999

Psychology, attitude, types.  ---  DIY.  The Do-It-Yourself mentality.  Sometimes we tend to think that the Do-It-Yourself mentality applies only to home repairs.  But isn't DIY the attitude that artists have as well?  Isn't DIY the attitude that inventors have as well?  Isn't DIY the attitude that philosophers have as well?  It turns out that DIY is a rather prevalent attitude.  And DIY is a healthy attitude.  ---  7/11/2000

Psychology, attitude, types.  ---  Good and bad attitudes.  (1) Good attitude:  Positive.  Thankful.  Feel lucky to have what you have.  Look forward to betterment of self and others.  (2) Bad attitude:  Negative.  Smug.  Content.  ---  12/30/1996

Psychology, attitude, types.  ---  Good and bad attitudes.  (1) Poor attitudes.  Attitudes that lower your productivity, reduce your self-esteem, reduce your hope, reduce your creativity and exploration.  There are a lot of people who are not crazy, they just have poor attitudes.  (2) Good attitudes.  Active, inquisitive, not lazy, not arrogant, not fearful, not dismissive.  (3) How to get from the first to the second?  How to change your attitude?  ---  7/30/1998

Psychology, attitude, types.  ---  Good and bad attitudes.  (1)(A) Best attitudes about oneself, people, world, life, goals, and why.  (B) Aggressive (caged lion), assertive, confrontational.  Kick ass, get goals, defend self.  (C) Some actors with attitudes: Bill Murray, Jack Nicholson, Michael Keaton.  (D) Serious, intelligent.  (E) Use wise humor to get goals.  (F) Beaten, not broken; fighting against doom and destruction.  (G) Cocky, nonchalant.  (H) Go for it, urgent, important.  (I) Clear, calm, undeluded.  (J) Hip, rebellious and free thinking.  (K) Hyper, freakin, drive, righteous anger, combative, barely contained.     (2) Worst attitude about oneself and why (opposites of above).  (A) Deluded, unproductive, unhealthy, discouraging.  (B) Addicted, out of control, crazed.  (C) Passive, withdrawing, repressed.  (D) Lazy, undriven, unmotivated.  (E) Defenseless, diseased.  (F) Will never get a job, will never get a girl.  (G) Criminal, sex criminal.  (H) Apprehensive, chicken, wimp.  (I) Satisfied, smug.  (J) Ashamed, guilty, regretful.  (K) Sheep, drone, destroying self to fit in.  ---  12/30/1992

Psychology, attitude, types.  ---  I don't fear it vs. I do.  I can do it vs. I can't.  ---  12/30/1992

Psychology, attitude, types.  ---  More attitudes and situations when they are useful.  (1) What the fu*k.  (2) Fu*k off, fu*k you.  (3) Who gives a fu*k, I don't give a fu*k.  (4) Above are very important and helpful attitudes.  Reduces anxiety, and hardens you.  ---  12/30/1992

Psychology, attitude, types.  ---  Set attitudes vs. flexible attitudes.  Narrow vs. open.  ---  12/30/1992

Psychology, attitude, types.  ---  The ethically right attitude vs. the socially accepted attitude.  Variance between two.  ---  12/30/1992

Psychology, attitude, types.  ---  Three attitudes.  (1) The objective best attitude for us, in general, and in a situation.  (2) The attitude we want to hold.  Our conscious subjective thoughts on best and worst attitudes for us.  (3) The attitude we end up holding.  ---  12/30/1992

Psychology, attitude, types.  ---  Three attitudes.  (1) Unmotivated.  (2) Motivated to do or get garbage.  (3) Motivated to do or get good.  ---  12/30/1992

Psychology, attitude, types.  ---  Types of attitudes.  Conscious/unconscious of it.  Wanted/didn't want it.  Better/worse.  Socially caused: conscious of picking it up, unconscious.  Self caused: consciously developed it, or unconscious.  Healthy/unhealthy.  Optimal/suboptimal.  Optimism/pessimism.  Positive/negative.  Effective/ineffective.  Practical/impractical.  Realistic/unrealistic.  Simple/complex.  True/false.  Internal/expressed.  Ethical/unethical.  Momentary/over any period of time.  ---  12/30/1992

Psychology, attitude, types.  ---  Types of attitudes.  Healthy vs. unhealthy.  Productive vs. unproductive.  True vs. false.  Good vs. evil.  ---  6/4/2002

Psychology, attitude, types.  ---  Types of attitudes.  Positive attitudes and negative attitudes. About the past, present and future.  About self, others, world and life.  Examples of positive attitudes: confident, hopeful, purposeful, meaningful.  Examples of negative attitudes: anger, anxiety, depression.  ---  12/28/2003

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