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Psychology, memory, lists.  ---  .This section is about various lists of things to remember.  ---  1/24/2006

Psychology, memory, lists.  ---  Make a list of things to memorize and why (in general and specific).  Look at it carefully.  ---  12/30/1992

Psychology, memory, lists.  ---  Most important things to remember.  (1) I am a free man, and want to stay that way.  Unemployed and without girl, penniless and no possessions, I can still be left alone, alone with my thoughts, to watch the beautiful sunset.  Do not blow this freedom.  ---  03/23/1994

Psychology, memory, lists.  ---  Most important, subjects, questions/problems/issues, views, arguments, evidence.  ---  12/30/1992

Psychology, memory, lists.  ---  Personal memories written (see personal history and estir).  ---  12/30/1992

Psychology, memory, lists.  ---  Questions, answers, and reasons for answers.  ---  12/30/1992

Psychology, memory, lists.  ---  Some things worth remembering.  What is good and pure.  The inventors, scientists, artists and philosophers.  Nature.  Love with a beautiful woman.  Health.  Thinking of learning.  ---  9/5/1998

Psychology, memory, lists.  ---  Things to keep in mind, things to load up with.  (1) The good.  Beats, the road, California's golden age.  Great thinkers, great artists, great women.  (2) The bad.  Injustice, the Holocaust, crime, death, time.  ---  12/30/1992

Psychology, memory, lists.  ---  Things to remember and think about.  (1) Remember and think about this list.  (2) Drive safe and watch your step.  Safety.  Be careful.  (3) Workout, stretch, floss, brush, shower, eat right (physical health).  (4) Don't ignore sex or obsess about sex.  (5) Relax, enjoy life, don't get depressed (psychological health).  (5) Do a good job and work on career.  (6) Work on relationships.  (8) Affirmations.  ---  12/30/1995

Psychology, memory, lists.  ---  Things to remember every moment, day, week, month, and year.  ---  12/30/1992

Psychology, memory, lists.  ---  Things to remember.  (1) The big injustices: american slavery till 1865, segregation till 1958, entrenched power blocking change for better.  Holocaust.  WWI and WWII.  (2) The big justices: anyone who works hard, with little support, against big opposition and obstacles, against big odds, to get big justice.  ---  10/01/1994

Psychology, memory, lists.  ---  Those crucial, optimal ideas to keep in mind (remember).  List top 10 ideas for all areas.  Optimal idea = most healthy and most true (not a lie to self).  ---  12/30/1992

Psychology, memory, lists.  ---  What to remember (re-think): survival facts, hard learned lessons, mistakes, current goals and reasons, problems, choices and alternatives.  What to think anew about: new truths (practical and theoretical), survival facts, and goals, must move forward.  ---  12/30/1995

Psychology, memory, lists.  ---  What to remember most about what subjects.  (1) Logical order.  (2) Chronological order.  (3) Priorities: order by important and timing.  ---  12/30/1992

Psychology, memory, lists.  ---  What to remember:  it is most important to remember that health is most important.  If you have your health you have everything.  You only get one body.  Take care of it.  No spare parts, and broken parts don't get fixed perfectly.  ---  12/30/1995

Psychology, memory, lists.  ---  What to remember?  (1) Ideals, problems, solutions. (2) Goals.  (3) All you have (count your blessings, take stock of resources)  (4) (A) How bad it could get, and how easily it could get bad.  (B) How good it could get.  ---  12/30/1995

Psychology, memory, lists.  ---  What to remember.  (1) Goals, strategies, tactics and reasons.  Problems, solutions, challenges, experiences.  (2) Behaviors, mistakes.  (3) Successes and wins (your best).  Failures and losses (your worst).  (4) Notes (figured out).  (5) Data (found out).  General knowledge, and knowledge specific to you.  Most important ideas on most important subjects.  Practical vs. theoretical knowledge.  (5) Metaphysics, epistemology, ethical, and aesthetic ideas.  (6) Personal ethics: values, priorities.  (7) Your best attitudes (thought and emotion complexes).  ---  12/30/1992

Psychology, memory, lists.  ---  What to remember.  (1) The big picture (Life on earth, past present and future).  (2) Foundational ideas.  Philosophy.  The basics.  ---  10/3/1998

Psychology, memory, lists.  ---  What to remember.  People starving to death.  People with their hands cut off by political terrorists.  People tortured by governments.  People killed by Stalin, Pol Pot, Rwandans, etc.  Those who were, those who are, and those who will be killed, if we do not take action.  What can I do?  Write letters to my government.  Give money to human rights organizations.  ---  8/17/1998

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