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Psychology, memory, memorizing.  ---  .This section is about memorization.  ---  1/24/2006

Psychology, memory, memorizing.  ---  (1) We memorize the commonplace because it happens over and over.  Brute repetition.  (2) We memorize the odd and rare because it is so different.  (3) This is the cool trick of memory, that it works to capture both the commonplace and the rare.  ---  6/15/2002

Psychology, memory, memorizing.  ---  How much you memorize.  How quickly you memorize.  After how many times experiencing a thing, and after how strongly experiencing a thing.  How long you retain the memory.  ---  12/30/1992

Psychology, memory, memorizing.  ---  In order to memorize x: (1) How many times must you perceive it, experience it, see it, hear it?  (2) How many times must your repeat it to yourself, picture it in you mind, remind yourself of it?  (3) How many times must you practice a physical movement or skill?  ---  5/15/2001

Psychology, memory, memorizing.  ---  Memorizing a fact vs. understanding a fact vs. understanding and memorizing a fact.  ---  12/30/1992

Psychology, memory, memorizing.  ---  Random facts are difficult to memorize.  Order and organization increases memory (ex. alphabetical order, numerical order).  Logical organization increases memory even more (ex. classification, etc.).  ---  12/30/1992

Psychology, memory, memorizing.  ---  To memorize means to commit to memory and to be able to recall.  Memorizing can occur intentionally, that is, sometimes we consciously try to memorize.  Memorizing can occur unintentionally, that is, sometimes we memorize without even trying.  ---  6/14/2004

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