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Psychology, personality, types.  ---  .This section is about personality types.  Topics include: ( ) List of types.  ---  1/24/2006

Psychology, personality, types.  ---  (1) Many, varied interests.  Many sided personality.  Versus.  Few interests.  Few sides to personality.  (2) A personality that changes much through life.  Versus.  A personality that changes little through life.  ---  6/19/2006

Psychology, personality, types.  ---  (1) Strong personality.  Character, force.  (2) Weak personality.  Lack of character: spineless.  Lack of force: wimp.  Lack of development and organization of views: amorphous.  ---  12/30/1992

Psychology, personality, types.  ---  (1) The rebel who acts vs. authority   (2) The contrary who acts vs. the masses.  (3) The risk taker, adrenaline junkie, gambler, likes excitement chaos and danger.  (4)  The self destructive.  Destroy yourself and your life because you don't believe you deserve it so good, or because you want to punish yourself for someone else.  ---  08/17/1997

Psychology, personality, types.  ---  Bums are free, travel, don't work, and have no family.  ---  04/30/1993

Psychology, personality, types.  ---  Bums know how to live without jobs, homes, money, friends, and family.  That is what fascinated me about them.  Freedom.  ---  03/30/1993

Psychology, personality, types.  ---  Bums.  What causes kids to admire bums?  Bums have street smarts.  They have survival knowledge.  They are free.  They are tough.  ---  12/30/1992

Psychology, personality, types.  ---  Bums.  What does the bum, prole, physical laborer, and oppressed minority know that the rich white collar does not know?  Maybe a type of strength, and a lack of a certain type of fear.  A kind of sureness about what life is all about.  Metaphysical certitude.  ---  11/20/1993

Psychology, personality, types.  ---  Business people see art as impractical.  Art people see business as too narrow.  ---  05/18/1994

Psychology, personality, types.  ---  Classification.  (1) By mental element, economics, interests, values, behavior, philosophy.  (2) Pros and cons, strengths and weaknesses of each.  (3) Pairs or spectrums.  (4) Major to minor.  (5) Logical branch relationships.  ---  12/30/1992

Psychology, personality, types.  ---  Classification.  (1) Ideal personality traits (see people, ideal).  (2) Health and unhealth.  Optimal, sub-optimal, pathological.  ---  12/30/1992

Psychology, personality, types.  ---  Classification.  (1) Physical types: sex, age.  (2) Psychological/bc elements: memory, emotion, intelligence, thinking, behavior.  (3) Social types: class.  (4) Philosophy types: ethics.  (5) For all 26 subjects.  ---  12/30/1992

Psychology, personality, types.  ---  Classification.  Cool vs. asshole.  ---  12/30/1992

Psychology, personality, types.  ---  College kids, hobos, business execs, specialists, generalists, blue collar, conservatives, liberals, scholar, cowboy, angry young man, nerd, brown noser, arty, hip/cool, fanatic, dilettante, preppy, burnout, cosmopolitan, provincial, mindless, gutless, happy jack, thinking, caring, careful, foresight, spontaneous, serious, solemn, happy go lucky, conformist, rebel, opportunist, dedicated, wishy washy, flighty, scared, stupid, withdrawing, confrontational, free thinker, idealist, pragmatist.  ---  12/30/1992

Psychology, personality, types.  ---  Computer people over emphasize logic, especially algorithm.  They dangerously under emphasize emotion and social skills.  ---  02/05/1998

Psychology, personality, types.  ---  Criminal.  Drifter, hobo, bum, tramp.  Scholar.  Entrepreneur vs. corporate: executive or drone.  Hermit.  Rebel.  Children, old people.  Men and women.  ---  12/30/1992

Psychology, personality, types.  ---  Extremes.  Mindless jock (no brain) vs. eggheaded computer nerd (unsocial, unphysical).  Clone (no independence) vs. Misfit (completely independent loner).  ---  08/30/1993

Psychology, personality, types.  ---  Healthy vs. unhealthy.  Simple vs. complex.  Set vs. vacillating.  Stable vs. unstable.  Introverted vs. extroverted.  Intelligent vs. unintelligent.  Smart vs. stupid.  Ethical vs. unethical.  Sane vs. crazy.  ---  12/30/1992

Psychology, personality, types.  ---  Losers.  Face bigger opposition with less ability to deal with it than do the idle rich, thus accomplish less but possibly more heroic, and possibility to be more heroic (more to conquer).  ---  12/30/1992

Psychology, personality, types.  ---  Optimism vs. pessimism.  Passionate, strong vs. weak, bland.  Energetic vs. not.  Erratic vs. stable.  Broad vs. narrow.  The sheltered vs. the experienced.  ---  12/30/1992

Psychology, personality, types.  ---  Selfish vs. unselfish.  Sick, neurotic vs. healthy.  Wimp vs. brave.  Competitive, cooperative, combative.  Conformist vs. rebellious.  Brooding, morose vs. lighthearted, carefree.  Immature, childlike vs. mature.  Ditzy, airhead.  Nag.  Bitch, bastard.  Liar, cheat, thief.  Tightwad, cheap vs. spendthrift.  Ball buster, asshole.  Good egg: just, fair, friendly.  Holier than thou, sanctimonious.  Stuck up, snob.  Backstabber.  Coward, nervous wreck, meek.  Common, bourgeoisie vs. aristocrat, noble.  Decent, humanitarian.  Criminal, sleaze.  Social vs. antisocial.  Aloof vs. gregarious.  Vengeful, spiteful, vituperative.  Open vs. secretive.  Lazy vs. industrious.  Friendly vs. unfriendly.  Loud vs. quiet.  Mean vs. kind.  Considerate vs. spiteful.  Rowdy, rough vs. sensitive.  Surly, quarrelsome.  Stoic, ascetic, Spartan.  Solemn, dignified, noble.  Materialistic.  Epicurean, hedonistic.  Calm.  Studious, Athenian(?).  Enigmatic, mysterious.  Practical vs. idealistic.  Dreamer (future), rememberer (past), here, now (present).  Deep vs. shallow.  Dull vs. bright.  Many sided, multi faceted vs. unidimensional.  Simple vs. complex.  Stable vs. varying.  Sexy vs. prude.  Liberal vs. conservative.  Arty vs. business like vs. techno nerd.  B.s er, polished, smooth.  Unconfident: with self vs. with situation.  At ease vs. ill at ease.  Wild vs. civilized.  Gullible, innocent.  Experienced vs. inexperienced.  Sly, canny.  Witty.  Scammer.  World weary, veteran vs. greenhorn, neophyte, naive.  Clear vs. confused.  Quick vs. slow.  Driven.  Condescending, patronizing.  Active vs. inactive.  Open vs. closed minded.  Brave vs. coward.  Tough vs. sensitive.  Mean vs. kind.  Strong vs. weak.  Hip vs. not.  Smart vs. stupid.  Wild and free vs. tame civilized slaves (in mind and action).  Weird (different) vs. normal.  Deep and wide vs. narrow and shallow.  Noble vs. small bastards.  Hard, loud, fast, excited, unpredictable, vs. soft, quiet, slow, calm, predictable.  Civilized, refined, trained, obedient steers vs. free, wild, rowdy, lean, ugly, wolves.  Nerd, brown noser.  Arty, hip, cool, burnout, slacker.  Fanatic.  Dilettante.  Professional vs. amateur.  Blue collar vs. white collar.  Cosmopolitan vs. provincial.  Mindless.  Gutless.  Thinking vs. believing vs. brain dead.  Caring, careful.  Foresight vs. spontaneous.  Serious, solemn vs. happy go lucky.  Opportunist.  Dedicated.  Wishy washy and flighty vs. stable.  Scared vs. brave.  Stupid vs. smart.  Withdraw vs. confront vs. explore.  Conform vs. rebel.  Free thinker vs. dogmatic.  Idealist vs. pragmatist.  Abstinence, indulgence, debauchery.  Ambition, greed, industrious, restless vs. lazy.  Respect, worship.  Adapt, adjust.  Aloof vs. ambivalence.  Decisive vs. indecisive.  Apathy vs. concern.  Expectations.  Assured vs. shaky.  Easily bored vs. easily amused.  Boring vs. interesting.  Shy, timid vs. assertive.  Careful, reckless.  Calm, peaceful.  Perseverance.  Cruel vs. kind.  Shame vs. proud.  Taste, grace vs. tasteless.  Compliant vs. stubborn.  Patience vs. frustration.  Envy, jealousy.  Character, honor, dignity.  Hypocrisy vs. sincerity.  Sanctimonious, pompous, conceit, egotism, modesty, humility.  Mercy, pity.  ---  12/30/1992

Psychology, personality, types.  ---  The peasant mentality.  Simple bigots.  (1) Do not want to know or learn anything.  (2) Boost their self-esteem by putting down things they are ignorant of in order to feel superior to them.  (3) Secretly fear these same things.  ---  11/15/1994

Psychology, personality, types.  ---  There is a certain type of asshole who acts scary, crazy, or silly to see how people respond, to test the boundaries of acceptable behavior.  ---  12/30/1992

Psychology, personality, types.  ---  Thoroughbreds and Maseratis want to run.  Workhorses and Mac trucks want to pull.  For the former, going slow is as bad as going too fast.  The former is also sensitive, and feel big effects from small changes, and thus suffer or prosper greatly.  The former is also temperamental and moody.  ---  08/15/1994

Psychology, personality, types.  ---  What does the rich white collar know that the bum does not?  What does the bum know that the rich white collar does not?  ---  11/20/1993

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