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Psychology, thinking, genius.  ---  .This section is about genius.  ---  1/24/2006

Psychology, thinking, genius.  ---  Create much truth, quickly, all the time, questions and answers.  ---  12/30/1992

Psychology, thinking, genius.  ---  Creative scientists, philosophers, and artists vs. non-creative scientists, philosophers, and artists.  ---  12/30/1992

Psychology, thinking, genius.  ---  Creativity = thinking of a new idea (new for you, or new for world).  Most people just don't try.  Much, much potential is wasted.  ---  12/30/1992

Psychology, thinking, genius.  ---  Creativity: four levels.  (1) Can't create and can't be corralled.  (2) Can't create, only drone.  (3) Create within a structure set by others.  (4) Wild and creative, can't be corralled.  ---  12/30/1992

Psychology, thinking, genius.  ---  Creator as (1) Bored.  (2) Rebel.  (3) Pragmatist vs. idealist.  (4) Neurotic: avoiding practicality through theory.  ---  12/30/1992

Psychology, thinking, genius.  ---  Creators: Some work in base, some in branches.  Bust into new territory vs. elucidate old territory.  ---  12/30/1992

Psychology, thinking, genius.  ---  Definitions of genius.  (1) Above 140 on IQ tests.  (2) Creates new and important work.  (3) Personality (ex. Wilde or Shaw).  (4) Renaissance man (ex. Da Vinci).  (5) You can have combos of any of above.  All 4 = super genius.  ---  02/04/1994

Psychology, thinking, genius.  ---  Does tension (sexual, etc.), energy, or pain increase speed or volume of creativity?  ---  12/30/1992

Psychology, thinking, genius.  ---  Essence of creativity is rebellion: "those old ideas are not as good as this new idea".  ---  12/30/1992

Psychology, thinking, genius.  ---  Everyone is a genius at least once in their life.  The trick is to recognize when it occurs.  ---  10/11/1998

Psychology, thinking, genius.  ---  Genius by subject area.  For each of Gardener's eight intelligences, we can posit geniuses in those areas.  Mathematical genius.  Musical genius.  Literary genius.  Etc.  (2) Can we also posit scientific genius, philosophical genius, artistic genius, political genius and technological genius?  ---  6/16/2004

Psychology, thinking, genius.  ---  Genius clearly sees the problems, defines or states them, prioritizes them, analyzes them, solves them.  Problems that exist here now, possible ones, theoretical ones, unseen ones.  ---  12/30/1992

Psychology, thinking, genius.  ---  Genius creates something new, useful, way different and way ahead of anything that was.  ---  12/30/1992

Psychology, thinking, genius.  ---  Genius creates something very useful, very true, very difficult and very new.  ---  6/16/2004

Psychology, thinking, genius.  ---  Genius has higher speed, capacity, and understanding, to find and figure.  ---  12/30/1992

Psychology, thinking, genius.  ---  Genius is not merely about pure intelligence (IQ) only.  Many other psychological factors are involved in genius.  Zest, for example.  Zest is a much overlooked and underrated quality.  Drive, on the other hand, is a quality too single-minded to impress me much.  Zestiness I appreciate, both in salad dressing and in people.  Zest for life.  Spark.  Flare.  Rattle them bones.  ---  6/8/2001

Psychology, thinking, genius.  ---  Genius is talent plus focus, effort, persistence, industriousness.  ---  6/16/2004

Psychology, thinking, genius.  ---  Genius travels a path.  The path is new.  The path goes far.  The path is followed by others afterwards.  ---  9/17/2004

Psychology, thinking, genius.  ---  Genius vs. stupidity: even genius is capable of stupidity due to refusal to think in general, or refusal to think about a specific subject (due to pathological psychology).  ---  12/30/1992

Psychology, thinking, genius.  ---  Genius: knowledge without experience vs. moronity: experience without knowledge.  ---  12/30/1992

Psychology, thinking, genius.  ---  Genius.  (1) "Genius" is an almost meaningless term, for several reasons.  (2) Who qualifies as a genius?  Aristotle, Newton and Einstein?  Any label that only describes three people out of six billion is next to useless.  (3) How many people have made outstanding creative contributions in philosophy, science, technology and art?  Tens of thousands.  Do we call all these people geniuses?  No.  Were they all invaluable?  Yes.  (4) Many people have both extremely high IQ's and a vast store of second hand knowledge, yet they have never managed to develop any new and useful ideas for society.  Are they geniuses?  No, not really.  (5) Many people made contributions that seem, at first glance, unbelievable and mystifying, yet when you study the path they took to their discoveries, and when you study the time and effort they put in, it seems quite understandable, perhaps even obvious.  Were these people geniuses?  Who knows.  (6) So one option would be to simply stop using the word genius.  No one is a genius.  Another option is to call everyone a genius.  ---  11/20/2004

Psychology, thinking, genius.  ---  How easy is it to come up with a new idea (new, true, important)?  How easy is it to do new, true, important work by applying old ideas?  ---  12/30/1992

Psychology, thinking, genius.  ---  How much of genius is obsession?  How much of genius is creativity?  How much of genius is logic?  How much of genius is memory?  How much of genius is drive, will and ambition?  ---  6/16/2004

Psychology, thinking, genius.  ---  Is genius a difference of degree or a difference of type?  Most people today would say degree.  If is is a difference of degree then is it a difference of the degree of quality of output or of the quantity of output?  And doesn't output have to be measured against amount of input of time and energy spent thinking?  Quantity of output also depends on the technology available to capture the output.  ---  8/5/2002

Psychology, thinking, genius.  ---  Is it better to create a few low quality ideas than to find and borrow a bunch of good ones?  ---  12/30/1992

Psychology, thinking, genius.  ---  Is there any genius whose work, had that genius not lived, could not have been recreated by a dozen lesser men a dozen years later?  ---  6/26/2002

Psychology, thinking, genius.  ---  It is one thing to be a genius, it is another thing to be "just right".  To have just the right attitude about everything.  To have no major problems or attitude mistakes.  This is an accomplishment in itself.  Not many people reach it.  Most people have quite a number of real problem areas.  Most geniuses are not "just right" about everything.  If you can not be a genius, being "just right" is a worthy goal.  Call it wisdom.  To really have one's shit together.  ---  10/15/1994

Psychology, thinking, genius.  ---  Man is a naturally creative animal.  Solves problems, creates new ideas, and has changing concepts.  ---  12/30/1992

Psychology, thinking, genius.  ---  New for you vs. new for all.  Originality vs. usefulness.  ---  12/30/1992

Psychology, thinking, genius.  ---  One alternative would be to reserve the word "genius" for those who are able to pay their rent.  You can pay your rent?  You must be some kind of freakin' genius.  ---  6/22/2006

Psychology, thinking, genius.  ---  One important trait of genius is vision, which is the ability to see either (1) The way things will be.  I.e., the way things are currently headed.  (Predictive.  Realism).  Or.  (2) The way things should be.  (Normative.  Idealism).  (3) Vision is a type of future oriented thinking.  ---  4/6/2000

Psychology, thinking, genius.  ---  PART ONE.  At first the genius mind is like a wild horse.  Then the genius develops the ability to get on the horse.  The horse still goes wherever it wants.  The genius rides along.  He goes places never visited by those who break their horses, force their horses and steer their horses.     PART TWO.  Alternate scenario:  At first the genius mind is like a wild horse.  The genius attempts to get on the horse but the horse bolts.  The genius gets his foot caught in the stirrup.  The horse drags the genius through mud and over cacti.  The horse finally stops and the genius is left smarting yet happy to be alive.  ---  1/1/2002

Psychology, thinking, genius.  ---  Quantity vs. quality of ideas.  Breadth vs. depth.  ---  12/30/1992

Psychology, thinking, genius.  ---  Real men of genius?  Let's hear it for you, Mr. Advertising Copywriter.  You put your heart and soul into a carefully crafted pitch to sell beer.  Like the exploited and oppressed workers about whom you create jingles, you too go home and get shit faced with a case of cheap brewskies.  Real men of genius, indeed.  ---  6/7/2005

Psychology, thinking, genius.  ---  Relation of genius to social adaptation and madness.  Illogical nature of life drives logical geniuses to insanity?  ---  12/30/1992

Psychology, thinking, genius.  ---  Sometimes they call you a genius for what you do.  Sometimes they call you a genius for what you refuse to do.  I refuse to write like you.  ---  8/31/2000

Psychology, thinking, genius.  ---  The biggest hurdle for an independent thinker to get over is cases where "I am right and everyone else is wrong."  It takes rebellion, conviction, persistence and endurance to pursue independent lines of thought.  For example, Einstein.  ---  5/15/2002

Psychology, thinking, genius.  ---  The genius has a good idea of (1) What we know and what we don't know.  (2) How to figure out what we don't know.  (3) How to get what we need.  ---  4/6/2000

Psychology, thinking, genius.  ---  The word "genius" is overused to the point of meaninglessness.  We shouldn't even use the word "genius".  The word "genius" should be retired  ---  9/17/2004

Psychology, thinking, genius.  ---  Things that increase ideas quantity and quality (creativity, genius): be rested, be fueled, hi t, drive, positive attitude first thing in morning.  ---  12/30/1992

Psychology, thinking, genius.  ---  Thinking is putting ideas together.  Genius means (1) Putting together the most important and relevant ideas.  (2) Putting together in the best way, to get the best answers.  (3) This is synthesis as opposed to analysis.  ---  12/30/1992

Psychology, thinking, genius.  ---  Three elements of genius.  (1) Technical virtuosity.  (2) Creative ability.  Generative.  (3) Ability to tell what is good, and what has power.  Judgment and taste.  (4) The third element is most important.  ---  11/13/1988

Psychology, thinking, genius.  ---  Tortured genius.  How necessary is it for genius to be tortured?  A shit world will drive a high flyer even more angry, sad, and crazy, it is true.  How sane can you be and still be a genius?  How healthy?  If you are healthy, does that knock you out of the running?  ---  11/10/1993

Psychology, thinking, genius.  ---  Traits of genius: memory, organization, and creativity.  ---  12/30/1992

Psychology, thinking, genius.  ---  Types of genius.  (1) Polymath genius vs. single-subject genius.  (2) Healthy genius vs. neurotic genius.  (3) Wasted genius vs. well utilized genius.  ---  5/16/2001

Psychology, thinking, genius.  ---  You can't put a leash on genius.  It has to run free, or it dies.  ---  12/14/1988

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