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Science, physics.  ---  .This section is about physics.  ---  1/24/2006

Science, physics.  ---  (1) Macro-level.  Superstring theory.  Einsteinian relativity.  Time slows as it approaches the speed of light.  (2) Human level.  Newtonian physics.  Gravity, force, mass, acceleration formulas.  (3) Micro-level.  Quantum physics.  We cannot know the location of electrons precisely.  Sub-atomic particles like quarks.  ---  5/20/1998

Science, physics.  ---  Action at a distance is scary, because people's minds may be connected at a distance.  And the modern advances in physics concerning the theoretical capability of time travel is scary, because minds may be connected across time.  Thus the whole world may be one the big mind, from the beginning of time till the end of time.  We may be less autonomous and independent than we think we are.  We may be more connected, interrelated, and effect each other more than we thought.  ---  12/15/1997

Science, physics.  ---  Energy and Matter.  (1) Energy.  Heat energy.  Visible light.  Radio waves.  Ultraviolet waves.  Gamma rays.  X-rays.  Sound energy.  Physical energy, kinetic and potential.  Magnetism: electrons moving.  Electricity: electrons moving.  (2) Matter.  Atoms and molecules.  Elements and compounds.  States of matter: solid, liquid, gas, plasma, colloid.  Electrons, proton, neutron, meson, boson, gluon, quark.  (3) Gravity.  Friction, inertia, force, mass, weight.  (4) Laws of Thermo dynamics.  (5) Relativity.  Gravity warps time and space.  (6) Quantum physics.  Heisenberg uncertainty principle: we cannot locate electrons, observation affects it.  ---  9/20/1998

Science, physics.  ---  Multiple universes.  Today there are physicists who think the concept of multiple universes is possible, if not probable.  If two universes have different laws of physics then how can travel or communication between the two universes be accomplished?  What is the space between the two universes?  ---  9/8/2005

Science, physics.  ---  Physics.  Applications.  (1) Electromagnetic - motors, wires, solid state, through air.  (2) Lenses.  (3) Radioactivity - power, bombs.  (4) Heat issues - expansion/contraction.  (5) Four forces - strong, weak, electromag, gravity (magnetism?).  ---  12/30/1992

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