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Sociology, discrimination, classism.  ---  .This section is about classism.  ---  1/24/2006

Sociology, discrimination, classism.  ---  Attempt by an individual to create a class system in a relationship, based on their value system, in order to gain power, consciously or unconsciously.  ---  12/30/1992

Sociology, discrimination, classism.  ---  Class is bullshit, four reasons why.  (1) Class is bullshit because class boundaries are not distinct.  There are no distinct classes.  We are all points dispersed along a line.  (2) Class is bullshit because everyone is unique.  Each person is a class of one.  Therefore, class is not a useful concept.  (3) Class is bullshit because we share similarities with everyone.  There are many things we all have in common.  We are all in the same class, so class is not a useful concept.  (4) Class is bullshit because we each have many traits.  We share some traits with some people and other traits with other people.  To arbitrarily select one trait as more important than another trait as a basis for class making is wrong.  ---  11/24/2004

Sociology, discrimination, classism.  ---  Class.  (1) Causes: survival instinct.  Effects.  (2) Individual's perception of where he stands vs. others.  Society's perception of where individual stands vs. others.  (3) What criteria used, priorities of the criteria.  (4) Variation from society to society.  (5) Pecking order: what type evolves, how does it evolve, by who.  (6) Natural classes: health, intelligence, contribution.  Artificial classes.  (7) Ethical class divisions.  Unethical class divisions.  ---  12/30/1992

Sociology, discrimination, classism.  ---  Four reasons why people go slumming.  (1) Some people go slumming to mock the poor.  (2) Some go slumming to see how the other half lives.  (3) Some go slumming because they think of the poor are better and they admire the poor.  Why?  Because the poor have to struggle against more than the rich.  (4) Some go slumming to see a different yet equally valid culture.  ---  1/1/2002

Sociology, discrimination, classism.  ---  Having new stuff.  Having clean stuff.  Having expensive stuff.  Some rich people think it is okay to have old and dirty stuff as long as it is expensive stuff.  However, most classist people are obsessed with new, expensive, clean stuff.  ---  11/20/2001

Sociology, discrimination, classism.  ---  Judging people by how much money or stuff they have.  ---  11/20/2001

Sociology, discrimination, classism.  ---  No one is "working class" anymore.  No one is "country" anymore.  No one has that naivete and ignorance anymore.  We are all too sophisticated and intelligent.  Do not even pretend you are working class or country.  One would have to deliberately cut themselves off from the rest of the world in order to get even close to how people used to be working class and country.  No television, no radio, no newspapers, no conversation, no shopping malls.  It is impossible.  People bellying up in poor rural bars today are trying to conjure characters and a world long gone.  ---  4/3/2001

Sociology, discrimination, classism.  ---  Rich and poor.  (1)(A) Having money.  You sigh a lot.  (B) Having none.  You say fu*k, fu*k, fu*k.  (2) The sociology of being rich vs. being poor.  Metaphysical, epistemological, ethical, and aesthetic views of the rich and the poor.  Their own views of self, and their views of each other.  ---  05/06/1994

Sociology, discrimination, classism.  ---  Snobbery as a survival strategy.  If you believe life is a struggle (mortal combat), a great way to get ahead is to persuade or convince others that you are naturally better than them.  (1) So they feel it is not worth attacking you, fearing they will get beaten badly.  (2) So they believe you deserve to advance over them.  This way you avoid struggles.  If they feel they can or should beat you they will, especially if they feel you are inferior, or that you should be eradicated.  ---  10/30/1994

Sociology, discrimination, classism.  ---  Snobbery is a social power tactic.  Causes: (1) Think they are better.  (2) Say they are better because they fear you.  (3) Don't fear you but are protective of their territory.  (4) They don't like you, for various reasons.  (5) Don't like being near you, for various reasons.  ---  12/30/1992

Sociology, discrimination, classism.  ---  Snobbery.  People who are snobs but have no reason to be.  People who are not snobs but have every reason to be.  ---  12/30/1992

Sociology, discrimination, classism.  ---  Status ideas start in childhood, with or without adult help.  (1) Person "a" subjective status values.  Is other person good or bad.  Is other person better or worse than me.  (2) Person "b" subjective status values.  (3) Culture "c" subjective status values.  (4) Objective status values.  ---  12/30/1992

Sociology, discrimination, classism.  ---  Status: personal perceptions and values.  Person A and person B, perceptions and values of themselves and each other.  Society's values and society's perception of both of you.  ---  12/30/1992

Sociology, discrimination, classism.  ---  Status.  People will only like you if they feel superior to you.  They will dislike you if they think you are superior to them.  (1) Why do we pity and feel good about those below us in a patronizing, condescending way?  Yet we dislike them as inferior products.  But they do boost our egos.  (2) Why do we burn with envy for those above us?  They make us feel small.  Yet we also idolize them and love them as perfect ideals.  ---  09/20/1994

Sociology, discrimination, classism.  ---  Status.  Why people feel superior (justified, unjustified).  Genetics, physical condition, intelligence, beliefs/values, work harder, sex, age, combos.  ---  12/30/1992

Sociology, discrimination, classism.  ---  Stratification.  Despising perceived inferiors.  Awe and admiration of perceived superiors.  ---  12/30/1992

Sociology, discrimination, classism.  ---  Two types of snob thinking.  (1) Person to person.  One person vs. another person.  (2) Group to group.  One group vs. another group.  ---  4/11/2000

Sociology, discrimination, classism.  ---  Types of classes.  (1) Economic classes.  The rich and poor.  (2) Religious classes.  ex. Hindu castes.  (3) Class created by slavery.  (4) Class created by discrimination against women. (5) Classism is the view that it is good that there are strictly defined social classes.  Classism is wrong.  Classism is bullshit.  Classism exploits and oppresses the weak.  ---  11/24/2004

Sociology, discrimination, classism.  ---  When one person or group subjectively thinks they are better than another, and why.  Subjective and objective measures of differences.  ---  12/30/1992

Sociology, discrimination, classism.  ---  When people say class they mean group.  Classes are arbitrary in-group out-group distinctions.  ---  11/24/2004

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