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Sociology, discrimination, racism.  ---  .This section is about racism.  ---  1/24/2006

Sociology, discrimination, racism.  ---  (1) Even if there were separate races (which I do not believe), discrimination based on race would not be justified.  (2) Even if one race was lesser than another race (which I do not believe), racism would not be justified.  Take a hypothetical example: Today, if both the species Neanderthal and the species Homo Sapiens were alive, and if the Neanderthals were slower, that does not justify racism or even species-ism against the Neanderthals.  (3) Even if it is possible to do so, we should not try to selectively "breed" traits into humans by discriminating against people by denying them human rights, justice, equality and freedom.  ---  12/1/2001

Sociology, discrimination, racism.  ---  (1) I deny the concept of race.  (2) If there were races, I deny the concept that one race is superior to another.  (3) If one race was smarter than another, I deny that the weaker race should be discriminated against.  That is, I deny that any group who claims any type of advantage should discriminate against any other group.  (4) I deny that groups should segregate themselves.  That is, I deny isolation.  (5) I deny that we should all be forced to act the same, like under a dictatorship or totalitarian state.  That is, I deny homogenization.  There should be diversity and pluralism.  ---  1/1/2001

Sociology, discrimination, racism.  ---  (1) Some minorities are overly sensitive to a lifetime of slights.  And I sympathize because I felt that way myself at times.  (2) Some minorities are quick to take a offense and fight.  And I applaud them for standing up for themselves.  (3) Some minorities demand a lot of respect.  Good for them.  But I have always gotten along well with people who do not take themselves so seriously.  ---  9/29/1998

Sociology, discrimination, racism.  ---  A discriminator is:  (1) Anyone who hates a group.  (2) Anyone who thinks a group is inferior, without the emotional hate.  (3) Anyone who thinks the races should be segregated, either by prohibiting inter-marriage, or separating communities.  ---  9/15/1998

Sociology, discrimination, racism.  ---  Abstractly.  Two groups, what are their perceptions of themselves and each other.  vs. the objective truth?  What's the mass public opinion vs. isolated individuals?  What acts are taking place and how often.  What are the legal rights and protections in the situation?  How much cooperation vs. conflict is occurring?  Should there be affirmative action, welfare, etc?  Political and economic opportunities and rights.  ---  12/30/1992

Sociology, discrimination, racism.  ---  An argument for affirmative action.  We have not nearly made up for the injustice of 300 years of slavery, segregation and racism.  We have more to do in order to make up for it and reach justice.  Some will say, "I was not the one who enslaved their ancestors."  To which I say, "Tough luck, too bad, it is our duty to make up for past injustices anyway".  ---  7/21/1998

Sociology, discrimination, racism.  ---  Causes of racism.  (1) People use a minority as a scapegoat, as an outlet for their unconscious anger and pain from life.  This is one reason why some poor whites becomes racists.  (2) Some people are stupid enough to fall prey to racists arguments.  They are not smart enough to see the mistaken assumptions and mistaken logic in racists arguments.  They are not smart enough to generate the more persuasive counter arguments to racism.  (3) In some people the survival drive leads them to try to dominate others, even if it is unjust and tramples other's human rights.  They are survival neurotics.  Power freaks.  ---  01/22/1989

Sociology, discrimination, racism.  ---  Examples of racism: lynching, slavery, segregation, making education illegal for minorities, making intermarriage illegal.  Racism is not always by a numerical majority over a numerical minority.  Racism is just one type of discrimination and oppression.  ---  9/22/1998

Sociology, discrimination, racism.  ---  How much of racism can be explained as immature teasing behavior by bullies?  Some people never grow out of the bullying and teasing behaviors often found in grade-school children.  They pick on the physical differences of other people.  Thus, it may not always be true that racism is taught by adults to innocent children.  Rather, like in the novel "The Lord of the Flies", racism may be a behavior that we need to unlearn as we mature and become civilized.  ---  11/22/1999

Sociology, discrimination, racism.  ---  Minority individuals who know little about their minority's historical experience vs. minority individuals who think about nothing else.  ---  12/30/1992

Sociology, discrimination, racism.  ---  One reason why racism is wrong is because there really are no distinct races.  ---  08/17/1997

Sociology, discrimination, racism.  ---  Perceptions of group differences (true or false).  How and why you think they are different.  Tolerance of group differences.  ---  12/30/1992

Sociology, discrimination, racism.  ---  Race relations in the USA in the 1990's.  (1) Demographic mix in numbers of people, and rate of rise or fall.  White, black, Hispanic, Asian, other, mixed.  Young and old.  Male and female.  Handicapped.  (2) Demographic mix of those in power.  In government, business, university and military.  (3) History of injustice.  Present injustices.  Improving or worsening in future.  (4) How to make the situation just in the USA and world?  Which are the worst injustices?  Which are easiest to fix?  (5) The mulatto is the future.  ---  9/15/1998

Sociology, discrimination, racism.  ---  Race.  Given enough time, and enough intermarriage, everyone is going to be the same color, and we will all look back on the age of racism as a disgraceful, sad, stupid tragedy.  ---  11/24/2004

Sociology, discrimination, racism.  ---  Race.  Prejudice against inter-racial couples is wrong.  Prejudice against people of racially mixed descent is wrong.  ---  3/23/2004

Sociology, discrimination, racism.  ---  Racial and ethnic discrimination continues to be a big problem worldwide.  Racism continues in America.  Conservative pundits would have you believe that there is no more racism in America, but those conservative pundits are wrong.  Some conservative pundits would have you believe that racism is either not a problem or that nothing can be done about it, but those conservative pundits are wrong.  ---  6/26/2005

Sociology, discrimination, racism.  ---  Racism (prejudice based on race).  Prejudice (stereotyping for good or bad).  Bigotry (feeling superior to another group).  Individual or systemic.  ---  6/15/1998

Sociology, discrimination, racism.  ---  The black experience in the USA.  (1) The history: struggles and gains and losses.  (2) The current situation.  (3) Future prospects.  (4) Studying it vs. experiencing it.  (5) Variations by region: south, north and west.  ---  12/30/1992

Sociology, discrimination, racism.  ---  Three affirmative action arguments.  (1) The argument, "The best person for the job, whatever their race or sex." is baloney if it is used to keep hiring white males, because white males have an educational advantage due to a history of systemic bigotry and oppression.  (2) The argument for hiring anyone currently capable of doing the job, with preference given to disadvantaged minorities is a slightly better argument.  (3) An even better argument is to say, "We will take excluded minorities who are potentially capable of doing the job, and train them to do the job".  ---  7/21/1998

Sociology, discrimination, racism.  ---  Types of prejudice.  (1) Prejudice against (A) Other nations, (B) Other people in your country.  (2) Caused (A) Out of emotional fear and hatred.  (B) Out of rational, emotionless desire to stay in power, or to get power (economic, political).  The latter is worse than the former.  ---  11/04/1993

Sociology, discrimination, racism.  ---  Whites who love, are neutral, or hate blacks and why.  Blacks who love, are neutral, or hate whites and why.  Whether they learned this feeling from (1) Personal experience.  (2) From their own race's actions toward the other race.  (3) From the other race's actions toward their race.  ---  12/30/1992

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