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Sociology, power.  ---  .See also, Politics, power.  ---  4/18/2005

Sociology, power.  ---  .This section is about social power.  ---  1/24/2006

Sociology, power.  ---  (1) Types of social power.  Power between lovers.  Power in families.  Power in work places.  Power in schools.  Power in social class situations.  (2) Political power.  Who is in political office: politicians.  Who is in the legal system: lawyers and judges.  Who has an effect on law making: voters.  (3) Economic power.  Who has money.  Who has assets.  ---  7/30/2005

Sociology, power.  ---  Abuse of power.  There are examples of abuses of power in every type of social relationship.  ---  1/1/2005

Sociology, power.  ---  Power in social relationships.  Ethical uses of power in social relationships.  Unethical uses of power in social relationships.  ---  6/10/2004

Sociology, power.  ---  Power is an important part of any social relationship.  At issue is shared power vs. hogged power.  See Politics, power.  ---  6/4/2004

Sociology, power.  ---  Power.  (1) All social relationships have a power component.  People try to get each other to do things.  People try to get each other to believe things.  People try to influence each other.  (2) Even if one person has obvious power advantages over another person, the other person is never completely powerless.  The other can resist.  The other can also engage in counter power strategies.  (3) The ethical exercise of power involves sharing power as much as possible.  Ideally we create a situation where everyone has the same types and amounts of powers.  And ideally, the form of influence used is reasoned communication, rather than force, threat and propaganda.  (4) Unethical exercise of power, or abuse of power, involves tactics like: Hoarding and hogging power.  Keeping others disempowered.  Fear tactics.  Physical abuse.  Threats.  Verbal abuse.  (See Psychology, pathological, specific, bullying).  ---  6/11/2004

Sociology, power.  ---  Types of social power.  (1) The power to get someone to think something.  Power over the mental.  (2) The power to get someone to do something.  Power over action.  ---  12/5/2005

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