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Work, psychology.  ---  .This section is about the psychology of work.  ---  1/24/2006

Work, psychology.  ---  (1) How personality affects job choice.  (2) How job you choose affects your personality, for better or worse.  ---  07/30/1993

Work, psychology.  ---  Can I handle it (all aspects of job), and the rest of my life too?  For how long?  ---  12/30/1992

Work, psychology.  ---  Change in psychology and behavior caused by job, woman, and school.  Better or worse.  Conscious or unconscious.  Chose or unchosen.  Control or uncontrolled.  Mind or behavior.  ---  12/30/1992

Work, psychology.  ---  How survival work affects a person.  Degree of effect, positive or negative, over time, of environment (natural and social) and work behavior the individual must perform.  ---  12/30/1992

Work, psychology.  ---  Jobs you (1) Can get vs. can't.  (2) Can hold vs. can't.  (3) Want vs. don't.  ---  12/30/1992

Work, psychology.  ---  Process: find out, choose, apply, get, keep, advance, change.  (1) Looking, finding, researching.  Learn about the job.  Find what is available at the moment.  (2) Choosing, deciding.  Use want ads to figure out what you do and don't want to do.  Doing what you like vs. what you are good at vs. selling out for the money.  (3) Applying: get there first.  (4) Resume: contents and information vs. structure and arrangement.  (5) Cover letters.  (6) Interviews.  ---  12/30/1992

Work, psychology.  ---  Questions for specific jobs.  (1) Technology.  How do the job best.  (2) Ethical.  (A) What they want you to do.  Is it ethical vs. unethical, legal vs. illegal, you like vs. you don't, obey vs. disobey.  (B) What you want to do.  (C) How much freedom and what types.  (D) Why do the job: pros and cons.  (E) Ethical requirements of the job.  ---  12/30/1992

Work, psychology.  ---  Some people just like/hate work more than others.  Due to personality type.  Two key elements are freedom-drive and sociability?  ---  12/30/1992

Work, psychology.  ---  Some think that work-like and business-like means solemn, serious, honest as a judge 100% of the time.  Never a smirk, grin, smile, laugh or joke.  No expression or acknowledgment of humor.  ---  08/31/1993

Work, psychology.  ---  Suitability of a job to a person.  ---  12/30/1992

Work, psychology.  ---  Three levels of work.  (1) Tasks: of a job.  (2) Job: position.  (3) Career: job track, series of advancing jobs.  ---  12/30/1992

Work, psychology.  ---  What predisposes an individual for an occupation?  ---  12/30/1992

Work, psychology.  ---  What survival work do, why?  How do it, why?  How much time spend on survival work, why?  ---  12/30/1992

Work, psychology.  ---  What weights do you put on various job factors.  (1) Pay, perks, benefits.  (2) The work itself: tasks.  (A) How tough: complexity, pace.  (B) How fun, how interesting, how good are you at it.  (3) The people.  (4) Corporate culture: rules, competition, conflict.  (5) Natural environment: location, transportation.  ---  12/30/1992

Work, psychology.  ---  Which job you hate the least.  ---  12/30/1992

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