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This is a list of some good books and web sites.


Progressivism. Books and web sites about the environment, international development, health, education, labour movements, progressive economics, progressive politics, progressive technology.

Understanding Power: The Indispensable Noam Chomsky. Edited by P. Mitchell and J. Schoeffel. Comment: Noam Chomsky is a genius.

Wikipedia articles: Progressivism; Media activism; Anti-war movement; Anti-globalization; Anti-capitalsim; Anti-consumerism; Labor politics; Crime; Abuse; Environmentalism; Progressive economics; Fair Trade; Green economics; International development; Sustainable technology; Atheism; Future studies.

Air America Radio

Z magazine

World Changing. Edited by Alex Steffens. Comment: This book is based on a website of the same name. Here's the plan: change the World, improve the World, save the world.

Gaia: An Atlas of Planet Management. Edited by Norman Myers. 1993. Published by Oxfam.

End of Poverty. By Jeffrey Sachs. Forward by Bono. Comment: Jeff Sachs is no slouch either.

The Little Earth Book, by Burgess. Comment: I like this book because it deals with environmental issues, economic issues, political issues, and technological issues, all in one tiny book.

State of the World Atlas. By Kidron. Comment: Good to help develop a global perspective.

World Report 2006, by Human Rights Watch. Comment: This book is not an easy read, but it is an important read.

The Nation magazine

Adbusters magazine.

New York Review of Books


Reference. A good general education is a foundation for further projects.

Wikipedia. Many good Wikipedia articles. For example: Philosophy. Ethics. Logic. Meaning. Truth. Philosophy of mind. Cognitive science. Philosophy of language. Political philosophy. Progressivism. Jurisprudence. Communitarianism. Philosophy of science. Epistemology. Philosophy of history. Historiography. Future studies. Arts. Aesthetics. Interdisciplinarity. International development. Globalization. Metaphilosophy. Philosophy of Technology. Transhumanism. Progressive economics. Progressive business.

Encyclopedia Britannica. Available at your local public library, most likely. Good articles include:

Atlas. A good geographic atlas.

News: find a good progessive news website like



Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

Wikipedia articles on Philosophy.

Cambridge Dictionary of Philosophy, edited by Robert Audi

Oxford Companion to Philosophy, edited by Ted Honderich.

Blackwell Companions to Philosophy, a series of books. Metaphysics, Epistemology, Ethics, Aesthetics, Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Mind, Cognitive Science, etc. This is a really good series of books.

Dennett, Daniel. "Freedom Evolves". "Darwin's Dangerous Idea". "Consciousness Explained".



Wikipedia articles on psychology.

How the Mind Works, by Stephen Pinker

Goleman, Dan. "Emotional Intelligence".

Gardener, Howard.

No Contest, by Alfie Kohn.



Wikipedia articles on sociology.

Oxford dictionary of Sociology.


Media. Journalism.

Ethnicity. Discrimination.


Science and Technology

"Consilence", by EO Wilson.


Get a good star map, for example, Peterson's Guide to Astronomy, with star maps by Wil Tiron.

Get a pair of 10x50 binoculars.

Go out and see the stars while you still can, before light pollution caused by humans blots out the stars.


Fabric of Cosmos, by Brian Greene.

Hawking, Stephen. "Brief History of Time"

Physics Road to Reality, by Roger Penrose

Biology. Evolution. Evolutionary psychology. Evolutionary sociology. Evolutionary ethics.

Darwin, Charles. "Origin of Species". (a classic).

Gould, Stephen Jay. "Structure of Evolutionary Theory".

Prehistory of the Human Mind, by Steven Mithen,

Evolution of Cooperation, by Robert Axelrod

The Moral Animal, by Wright,

Moral Minds, by Marc Hauser


Wikipedia articles on Technology: Philosophy of technology.

(Run Linux on your computer. Learn about Free Software Foundation, GNU, Linux, and Open Source)

Philosophy of Technology

History of Technology


History, Current Events, Future Studies.

"Guns, Germs and Steel", by Jared Diamond.

"People's History of the United States", by Howard Zinn

Get a good history of the world.

Kaku, Michio. "Visons".

Wikipedia article on Future studies.


Politics and law.

Oxford Companion to Politics, edited by Krieger

"Theory of Justice", by John Rawls

"Law's Empire", by Ronald Dworkin

Oxford Companion to Politics, edited by Krieger

(Get a book about political activism.)


Economics and business

"Development as Freedom". By Amartya Sen.

Field Guide to the US Economy, a compact and irreverent guide to economic life in America. By Teller-Elsberg, Folbre, and Heintz. Comment: What's wrong with the US economy? Plenty.



Blackwell Companion to Aesthetics.


Penguin Dictionary of Literary Terms and Literary Theory.

Orwell, George. 1984. (Now more than ever).


(See the classic movies)


World Music rough guide

(Listen to world music, including blues, jazz, rock)

(Listen to protest music)

Visual arts

(See the great works of visual art)


Atheism. Antitheism.

Religion Explained, by Pascal Boyer

Breaking the Spell, by Daniel Dennett

The God Delusion, by Richard Dawkins

End of Faith, by Sam Harris

Why I Am Not A Christian, by Bertrand Russell.



Penguin dictionary of math



Information. Media.


Environment. Ecology.


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