Paul Nervy Notes
Jokes, poems, stories, and a lot of philosophy, psychology, and sociology.”

Table of Contents

.Introduction, .what.
.Introduction, .why.
.Introduction, how.

Arts, architecture.
Arts, dance.
Arts, fashion.
Arts, gastronomy.

Arts, general, artist.
Arts, general, artwork.
Arts, general, audience.
Arts, general, composition.
Arts, general, criticism.
Arts, general, related subjects.
Arts, general, what.
Arts, general, why.
Arts, general.

Arts, literature, comedy, joke.
Arts, literature, comedy.
Arts, literature, composition.
Arts, literature, criticism, specific.
Arts, literature, criticism.
Arts, literature, history of.
Arts, literature, journalism.
Arts, literature, poetry, poem.
Arts, literature, poetry.
Arts, literature, works.
Arts, literature, writing.
Arts, literature.

Arts, movies, criticism.
Arts, movies.

Arts, music, composition.
Arts, music, criticism, specific.
Arts, music, criticism.
Arts, music, styles.
Arts, music, what.
Arts, music, why.
Arts, music.

Arts, theater.

Arts, visual arts, criticism.
Arts, visual arts, works.
Arts, visual arts.

Business, management.
Business, marketing.

Economics, individual.
Economics, of information.


Health, exercise.
Health, food.
Health, medicine, areas.
Health, medicine.
Health, philosophy.

History, future studies.
History, methods.
History, personal history.
History, philosophy of.
History, relationship history.
History, societal history.

International development.

Law, areas.
Law, philosophy of law.

Leisure, climbing.
Leisure, drugs.
Leisure, exercise.
Leisure, philosophy, ethics.
Leisure, sports.
Leisure, surf skate climb.
Leisure, surfing.
Leisure, travel.


Philosophy, aesthetics.
Philosophy, chance.
Philosophy, change.
Philosophy, death.
Philosophy, environment, specific.
Philosophy, environment.
Philosophy, epistemology.

Philosophy, ethics, altruism and egoism.
Philosophy, ethics, balance.
Philosophy, ethics, basis systems types.
Philosophy, ethics, choices.
Philosophy, ethics, desert.
Philosophy, ethics, development.
Philosophy, ethics, effort.
Philosophy, ethics, equality.
Philosophy, ethics, freedom.
Philosophy, ethics, good and bad.
Philosophy, ethics, ideals.
Philosophy, ethics, importance.
Philosophy, ethics, intention and consequence.
Philosophy, ethics, justice.
Philosophy, ethics, meaning.
Philosophy, ethics, methods.
Philosophy, ethics, psychology.
Philosophy, ethics, questions.
Philosophy, ethics, responsibility.
Philosophy, ethics, success and failure.
Philosophy, ethics, values.
Philosophy, ethics, waste.
Philosophy, ethics.

Philosophy, game theory.
Philosophy, history of.
Philosophy, interdisciplinary philosophy.
Philosophy, life.
Philosophy, metaphysics.
Philosophy, people.
Philosophy, specialization and generalization.
Philosophy, specific philosophies, beats cool hip.
Philosophy, specific philosophies.
Philosophy, systems and networks.
Philosophy, time.
Philosophy, what, method.
Philosophy, what, related subjects.
Philosophy, what.
Philosophy, world.

Politics, activism.
Politics, government.
Politics, issues.
Politics, justice equality liberty.
Politics, left and right.
Politics, power.
Politics, related subjects.

Psychology, attitude, development.
Psychology, attitude, ideal problems techs.
Psychology, attitude, types.
Psychology, attitude.

Psychology, behavior, causes.
Psychology, behavior, criticism.
Psychology, behavior, ideal problems techs.
Psychology, behavior, types.
Psychology, behavior.

Psychology, development, adults.
Psychology, development, old age.
Psychology, development, youth.
Psychology, development.

Psychology, drive, goals, specific.
Psychology, drive, goals.
Psychology, drive, motivation.
Psychology, drive.

Psychology, emotion, specific, anger.
Psychology, emotion, specific, bravery cowardice.
Psychology, emotion, specific, confidence.
Psychology, emotion, specific, esteem dignity.
Psychology, emotion, specific, excitement calm boredom.
Psychology, emotion, specific, fear.
Psychology, emotion, specific, happiness.
Psychology, emotion, specific, hope.
Psychology, emotion, specific, optimism and pessimism.
Psychology, emotion, specific, pleasure and pain.
Psychology, emotion, specific, sadness.
Psychology, emotion, specific.
Psychology, emotion.

Psychology, general, ability effort accomplishment.
Psychology, general, edge.
Psychology, general, physical.
Psychology, general, strength and weakness.

Psychology, memory, forgetting.
Psychology, memory, ideal problems techs.
Psychology, memory, lists.
Psychology, memory, memorizing.
Psychology, memory, remembering.
Psychology, memory, types.
Psychology, memory.

Psychology, mind, attention.
Psychology, mind, consciousness.
Psychology, mind, evolution.
Psychology, mind, models and metaphors.
Psychology, mind.

Psychology, pathological, causes.
Psychology, pathological, health.
Psychology, pathological, neurosis.
Psychology, pathological, specific, addiction.
Psychology, pathological, specific, anxiety.
Psychology, pathological, specific, bullying.
Psychology, pathological, specific, crime.
Psychology, pathological, specific, depression.
Psychology, pathological, specific, perfectionism.
Psychology, pathological, specific, self destruction.
Psychology, pathological, specific.
Psychology, pathological, therapy.
Psychology, pathological.

Psychology, personality, self, me.
Psychology, personality, self.
Psychology, personality, traits, care.
Psychology, personality, traits, rebellion.
Psychology, personality, traits.
Psychology, personality, types.
Psychology, personality.

Psychology, sense and perception.

Psychology, stress, causes.
Psychology, stress, effects.
Psychology, stress, ideal problems techs.
Psychology, stress.

Psychology, thinking, creativity.
Psychology, thinking, education, academia.
Psychology, thinking, education.
Psychology, thinking, figure out and find out.
Psychology, thinking, genius.
Psychology, thinking, ideal problems techs.
Psychology, thinking, imagination.
Psychology, thinking, knowledge.
Psychology, thinking, learning.
Psychology, thinking, logic.
Psychology, thinking, problem solving, mistakes.
Psychology, thinking, problem solving.
Psychology, thinking, types, x in general.
Psychology, thinking, types.
Psychology, thinking.

Religion, aspects.
Religion, Zen.

Science, astronomy.
Science, biology.
Science, chemistry.
Science, earth sciences.
Science, ecology.
Science, physics.

Sociology, communication, language, meaning.
Sociology, communication, language.
Sociology, communication, media, books.
Sociology, communication, media, television.
Sociology, communication, media.
Sociology, communication, propaganda.
Sociology, communication, public relations.
Sociology, communication, rhetoric.
Sociology, communication, styles.
Sociology, communication.

Sociology, competition.
Sociology, conflict.
Sociology, cooperation.
Sociology, discrimination, classism.
Sociology, discrimination, racism.
Sociology, discrimination.
Sociology, family, kids.
Sociology, family.
Sociology, friends.
Sociology, generations.
Sociology, groups, pathological.
Sociology, groups.
Sociology, power.
Sociology, relationships.

Sociology, sexuality, development.
Sociology, sexuality, ethics.
Sociology, sexuality, ideal.
Sociology, sexuality, love.
Sociology, sexuality, men and women, men.
Sociology, sexuality, men and women, women.
Sociology, sexuality, men and women.
Sociology, sexuality, problems.
Sociology, sexuality, psychological.
Sociology, sexuality, relationships.
Sociology, sexuality, sex.
Sociology, sexuality, techs.
Sociology, sexuality.

Sociology, social psychology.
Sociology, society.
Sociology, solitude.

Technology, computers, Internet.
Technology, computers.
Technology, information theory.
Technology, philosophy of.
Technology, privacy.
Technology, related subjects.

Work, ideal.
Work, philosophy, ethics.
Work, problems.
Work, psychology.
Work, search.
Work, sociology.
Work, technique, mental.
Work, technique, social.

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Frequently Asked Questions about

Paul Nervy Notes

What are the Notes?
Are the Notes quotes from other sources?
Are the Notes just school notes?
Are the Notes a journal or diary?
What release version is this?
Why are the Notes so varied?
Should one read the Notes start to finish?
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Q. What am I looking at here, Paul?

A.  Good question.  The Paul Nervy Notes are some musings I jotted down.  You can read it online.  Its a work of art.

Q. Are the Notes just a compilation of quotes from other authors or sources?

A.  Nice try.  The Notes are observations I figured out.  The Notes are not a compilation of quotes from other authors or sources. 

Q. Are the Notes just your school notes? 

A. Negatory.  The Notes are not notes from school.  I try to include subjects and ideas not covered in school courses or textbooks.  Once was enough.

Q. Are the Notes just your personal diary?  Or are the notes a weblog?

A.  The Notes are not the story of my life.  The Notes do not follow the "What I did today." form of writing.  Nor are the Notes a list of links to other sites.

Q. What release version of the Notes is on this website?

A.  This website contains Paul Nervy Notes 1988-2007.

Q. Why are the Notes so varied?

A.  Some of the chapters are thin and skeletal (for example, the chapters on law and medicine) while other chapters are more fully fleshed out (for example, the chapters on philosophy, psychology and sociology).  Also, some chapters are dry (abstract or technical) and other chapters are juicy (humorous or intriguing). 

Q. Should I read the Notes from start to finish in a straight line? 

A.  I wouldn't recommend it, unless you are a proofreader.  Take your time.  Skip around.  Find your favorite chapters and favorite notes.

Q. Why do you write the Notes?

A.  I keep asking myself the same question.  It is not for fame or fortune (although I am not completely oppossed to either).  Your guess is as good as mine.

Q. Are you some kind of expert?  Are the Notes some kind of definative reference book?

A.  I am just a regular dude.  The Notes are just some ideas I wrote down.

Q. What's up with the table of contents?

A.  The first part of each note is a keyword phrase.  The Notes are organized by sorting by the keyword phrases.  The table of contents lists the keyword phrases.

Q. Thanks for the info, Paul.  Cool site, excellent Notes.  What can I do to help? 

A.  Bookmark this page.  Tell your friends about Paul Nervy Notes.  Thanks for visiting. 

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